Saturday, August 6, 2022

Supply List for First Graders for 2022/2023

  Dear Parents,

         I want to welcome your children to first grade!  Below is a list of supplies your child will need. Please read carefully so that you purchase only the correct or necessary items. 

* TWO flat plastic folders.  It is important that these folders have a transparent slip in pocket in the front and in the back and two bottom pockets inside - NO binders allowed. These folders are usually available in the school supply room in case you have trouble finding the correct ones.  One folder will be collected and will serve as their test folder for the year.  The other folder will be called their Homework folder and will taken home and brought to school each day. This one will be used to transport all important notices, assignments, lists, etc.
*THREE reams of blank  printing paper. These three packages will be sent tot the office as they are required by Mr. Woods in order to provide all required copies for the year.
*ONE additional ream of blank printing paper for classroom use.  These sheets will be collected and given out during the year as needed for various assignments.
*ONE hard cover composition type notebook (no spiral notebooks)
* four or five pencils with erasers   PENCILS MUST BE SHARPENED AT HOME!!! (NO mechanical pencils or pens allowed)
* a pack of  12 to16  colored pencils (sharpened and ready for use). Crayons are also allowed but for many assignments colored pencils are preferable. Erasable colored pencils are best!
* a sharpener with a cover 
* a pack of dry erase markers dark colors (black and red are best) (NO Sharpies or similar permanent markers) 
*  a dry eraser eraser 
* a glue stick  (NO bottled glue)
* a plastic or wooden  ruler. It must measure inches on one side and cm on the other.
* two plastic or fabric pencil cases (NO boxes) One is to hold 4 sharpened pencils with erasers. The other is to hold colored pencils, markers, a glue stick.  PENCILS MUST BE SHARPENED AT HOME!!!
* two boxes of tissues and two rolls of paper towels
* one container of Lysol disinfectant wipes
* one lunch box (MUST BE SEPARATE  from the book bag)
* a box of child size masks

*At the present time loose leaf paper and construction paper may not be needed. Bottles of hand sanitizers are also not required at present.  Students may carry their own mini bottle of sanitizer for personal  use if they wish.  

I  DO STRONGLY recommend that parents label sweaters, lunch boxes, and pencil cases.

***I will be ordering a personal white board for each child to be used especially for math.  I will also be getting personal name labels with important reference charts for daily use which will be taped to each child's desk.  I will requesting five dollars from each parent to cover the price of these items.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Notices for June 21 to 24

 These are my last notices for this school year.

Please read Mr. Woods' notices for this week on  Then check for updated information below.

If your child is one of the eight students receiving an award on Tuesday, the ceremony is at 1:00, according to the blog Mr. Woods recently posted.  Hope you can attend. I will announce this week who is getting honors or effort award on June 24th.

I will be still be completing some classwork in the morning but in the afternoon children can have some free time while I take care end of the year necessities.  It is important that all students bring in an activity or coloring book for quiet time. Students will need regular as well as colored pencils.  Absolutely NO ELECTRONICS or toys are allowed.  No homework will be assigned this week.

On Friday June 24, honor certificates will be given out after the 10:00 Mass and  the eighth grade graduation. Report cards will be also be given out that day.  Dismissal on Friday will be at 12:00 noon.

I want to thank all parents for their kind support and thoughtfulness during the school year. I appreciate it so much!   It has truly been a pleasure teaching your children this year!  

Friday, June 10, 2022

Notices for June 13th to 16th

 Dear Parents,

          We are quickly approaching the end of our school year together!  This is a reminder that we will be having our end of the year party on Monday afternoon.  All students will need to bring in their own juice containers (at least three) but I will bring in the rest: 2 slices of pizza, chips, cookies, and candy.  If any student wishes to bring in party bags to share, it is okay, but not at all necessary.

         All students are scheduled to have a GYM period this Monday and another GYM period on Tuesday (to make up for the one missed last week) so children should wear their gym clothes BOTH DAYS. 

         I will need to give the Reading Test and Social Studies Quiz on Tues. and the final Math Test on Wed. so that the yearly test folder can be sent home on Thursday.  Study guides for each are provided. Please make sure students review well.  

        School is closed on both Fri., June 17 and Mon., June 20. Report cards will not be given out until the last day, June 24th.  Honor certificates will also be given out on that last day. Dismissal on June 24th is at 12:00 noon.

Lesson Plan for 6/13 to 6/16

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Notices for June 6 to 10

 Dear Parents,

           This week students will be taking three tests: Religion on Tues., Science on Wed., and Math on Thurs.  Please make sure students review all study guides well. Once again we are closed on Friday. Three additional test will be given next week and then the test folders will be sent home including these as well as all tests given throughout the year. No mention about gym this week.  On Tuesday we are celebrating National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!  

  Lesson Plan for 6/6 to 6/10


Monday, May 30, 2022

Notices for May 31 to June 3

 Dear Parents,

          This week gym will be Thursday from 9:45 to 10:30. There is NO SCHOOL on Friday.  There will a Science Quiz on Wed. on Butterflies, a Social Studies Quiz on Thurs. on Earth Day, and a Vocabulary Quiz on Arbor Day Square on Thurs. Study Guides are provided for each on google classroom. Please make sure to review well!

        Please remember that students should continue to read their next set of five leveled readers and/or set of decodable readers.  Students may also read the new book we will be studying this week in class Arbor Day Square, which has also been assigned on google classroom.  Consistent reading practice for your children is important!

Lesson Plan for May 31 to June 3

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Notices for May 23 to 27

 Dear Parents,

        This week we have only three days of school. There is no school Thurs., Fri., and Mon. Two Reading tests are scheduled for this week.  Please consult google classroom. The next set of five leveled readers which is on plant growth has been assigned and will be available from May 23 to June 3.  A new set of five decodable books has also been assigned. Please make sure your children do these assignments.

       On Wed. all students will be attending a prayer service for those receiving Confirmation. Students should DRESS UP!!!!! No jeans allowed. It is scheduled for 11:00.  

        Last Friday Progress Reports were sent home along with a listing of recorded work your children have been doing on Edgenuity either in class or at home. Lines in red indicate work not done.

              As your children may have mentioned, at least twelve butterflies so far that your children helped rear are fluttering around in our sanctuary and sipping from orange juice soaked cotton balls. Besides observing them, your children have done the following:

1. watched and discussed several videos on the butterfly life cycle
2. read passages based on the topic and responded to follow-up questions,
3. completed two sets of worksheets based on butterfly activities to learn related vocabulary terms
4. practiced drawing and coloring their symmetrical wing patterns
5. and finally responded to 18 check up questions.
 Of course, after the break they can look forward to TWO Butterfly Quizzes. There will also be a Social Studies Quiz based on Earth Day. Study guides for each of these quizzes will be available on google classroom by May 27th in case you want an early start. 

Lesson Plan for May 23 to 27

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Notices for May 16 to 20

Dear Parents,

         This week all first graders will be taking the MAP test on line.  On Tuesday they will take the Reading and on Thursday they will the Math. I will be reviewing some Edgenuity tasks in class, but parents need to check daily assignments on google classroom for additional review tasks students should do.  GYM  once again will be on Wednesday and again there will 12:00 dismissal on Friday. My turn to  meet with the coach is on Wed. from 12:45 to 1:30 so work will be assigned to students during that time.

             There will be a Writing Quiz on Wednesday and a Spelling Quiz on Friday.  No other homework will be given so students have time to do review work on Edgenuity.  A reminder that test folders are due back on Monday.  Progress Reports will be given out on Friday.  These reports need to be signed and returned the following Monday.

Lesson Plan for May 16 to 20