Friday, June 22, 2018


Dear Parents,
         Below are the summer reading questions based on the book Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel.  Please answer these on loose leaf paper and be sure to write your name at the top.  DO NOT COPY THE QUESTIONS, but do try to RESTATE EACH QUESTION  to answer them.  For example:  How do you know Frog and Toad are friends?  I know they are friends because they care about each other.  Be sure to write each number and answer questions using the front and back of the loose leaf paper and bring your work to class in September.

Questions on the chapter "Spring"
1. Why didn't Frog want to go outside? (p. 9)
2. When did Toad say he wanted to wake up?  (p. 11)
3. What word showed how Frog was feeling?  (p. 12)
4. Why did Frog tear the pages off the calendar?  (pp. 14-15)

Questions on the chapter "The Story"
5. What did Toad mean when he said "Frog was looking green..."? (p. 16)
6. How did Toad show that he cared about his friend?  (p. 17)
7. Why was it so important for Toad to think of a story?  (pp. 17-18)
8. What was so funny about the story Frog finally made up?  (pp. 26-27)

Questions on the chapter "A Lost Button"
 9. What was making Toad sad?  (p. 29)
10. Where did Toad finally find his lost button?  (p. 37)
11. What are four words used to describe his lost button?  (p. 37)
12.What did Frog think of Toad's gift?  (p. 39)

Questions on the chapter "A Swim"
13. Why didn't Toad want anyone to see him in his bathing suit?  (p. 42)
14. Who could swim faster, Toad or Frog?  (p. 43)
15. How did Toad show that he was getting too cold? (p. 49)
16. How did all the animals react when they finally saw Toad?  (p. 51)

Questions on the chapter "The Letter"
17. Why did waiting for the mail make Toad unhappy?  (p. 54)
18. What did Frog do to make him feel better?  (p. 57)
19. Who took the letter to the mailbox?  (p. 57)
20. What did Frog write about in the letter?  (p. 62)


Dear Parents,
         I want to welcome your children to first grade!  Below is a list of supplies your child will need.
* three plastic folders (only the type sold in the supply room) - NO binders please!
* ONE  hard cover composition type notebook (wide ruled)- 100 pages or more!
* two packs of wooden pencils with erasers NO mechanical pencils or pens)
* a pack of 10-12 colored pencils (NO crayons)
* a pack of dry erase markers (NO Sharpies or similar permanent markers)
* a glue stick  (NO bottled glue)
* a plastic or wooden ruler
* two plastic or fabric pencil cases (no boxes) One is to hold 4 sharpened pencils daily and eraser, and a sharpener.  The other is to hold colored pencils, markers, a glue stick.
* three reams of white copy paper (2 to be sent to the office for copies and 1 for  classroom use)
* one pad of loose leaf paper (paper with holes on side and red margin) wide ruled
* two boxes of tissue and two rolls of paper towels
* one container of Lysol disinfectant wipes
* one mini hand sanitizer for personal use
* one lunch box SEPARATE  from the book bag.
* book covers (any type as long as they are stay on securely)
* a small pack of construction paper (24-30 sheeets)

I  DO  recommend that parents label sweaters, lunch boxes, and pencil cases

             Looking forward to seeing you!                                                            
                                                                                                                              Ms. Saville

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Homework for June 18 to 22 for Class 1-2

Dear Parents,
         This Friday there will be NO SCHOOL, so all final quizzes will be given before Thursday.  As stated before Religion was scheduled for Monday and Math on Tuesday.  Reading/ELA will be given between Tuesday and Wednesday, and that is all!

Homework for June 18
Math-  Do pp. 74, 77,  and 78.  This time for all three pages follow strategy used on p. 73.  Review all exit tickets 1 to 19 for quiz tomorrow.  YES, more were added!
Phonics -  Do pp. 276 and 277.
ELA/Reading- Study twelve vocabulary definitions in notebook  for quiz tomorrow. On www.pearson realize click on the book How a Seed Grows in Unit 4 Module B.

Homework for June 19
Math- Do pp. 81 and 82.
Phonics -  Do pp. 278, 279, and 280.

Homework for June 20
Math- Do pp. 85 and 86.
Phonics-  Read p. 285, 289 and 290.  Do  pp. 286, 293 and 294. Skip asseessment pages.
***Last set of tests and quizzes will be sent home tomorrow!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Homework for June 11 to 15 for Class 1-2

Dear Parents,
          There is 12:00 dismissal both this Monday and Friday.  On Friday we are having a Donuts for Dad celebration at 10:00 in the auditorium. The Writing Test scheduled for last Thursday will be given this Monday,  There will be NO Religion quiz this week. It will be given next week.

Lesson Plan

Homework for June 11
Math -  Do pp. 51 and 52. On p. 51 add tens first and on p. 52 add ones first.  Write answers on blanks too.
Phonics - Do pp. 271 and 272.
Social Studies - Quiz tomorrow. Study well SS text pp. 190 to 197.  Be sure you can identify each of the twelve historical figures.   Be prepared to write some facts about Thomas Edison and his inventions.     

Homework for June 12
Math - Do pp. 55 and 56.
Phonics- Do pp. 273, 274, and  275.

Homework for June 13
Math - Do pp. 59 and 60. BE SURE TO follow pattern on previous two pages done in class.
a and e- add tens; b and f- add ones; c and g- partner way; d and h – double decompose
Phonics- Do pp. 276, 277, and 278.

Homework for June 14
Math- Do pp. 63 and 64.  Follow pattern on previous two pages done in class.
Science-  On construction paper write your name and date neatly on the top.  Glue the title under your name.  Glue each of the four recycling bins (two on top and top on bottom) leaving room in between and above each bin.  Look at each small picture and decide in which bin each object should be placed .  There should be two pictures for each.  Then on each of the four blank cards draw one more object that could be placed in each bin. So now you should have THREE cards for each bin.  Glue these neatly on or near the top of each bin. Due tomorrow!!!!

Homework for June 15
Math - Do pp. 67, 68 and 71,72. Follow pattern on previous Problem Set pages done in class.  Those who were absent Friday should follow samples given on the homework page and have these 4 pages completed by Monday!
***Those who were absent on Friday must remember to bring in their completed Science project of How to Recycle on Monday!
*** There will be a Math Mid Module Test on Tuesday.  Study all 16 corrected Exit tickets!!!!

Religion- Study Chapters 22 and Chapter 23 for QUIZ ON MONDAY!  Be sure you know all the
MASS RESPONSES  in Chapter 23. Be able to explain THREE ways that Jesus is with us at Mass .These are listed on p. 253.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Homework for June 4 to 8 for Class 1-2

Dear Parents,
         First graders will be going out to the yard after lunch this week.  There will be NO SCHOOL this Friday.  June calendars will be sent home on Monday.  This week students will be taking the on-line Selection Tests for Unit 4 Module A based on the books Arbor Day Square and The Family Tree (in the Text Collection: Unit 4). Both of these are available for on-line reading.  I will be giving a quiz on the ELA vocabulary definitions in the notebook on Monday and I will be giving additional notes to study for the Reading tests on Wed.  There will also be a Performance Based Writing Test on Thursday. There wil be a Science test on Thurs. as well based on  Science notes and the Projects book I will be sending home on Tuesday.

Lesson Plan

Homework for June 4
Math - Do pp.  29 and 30
Science- Cut out the title, the middle section along the outside bold lines, and the six labels on the bottom.  Cut ONLY along the bold lines to create three flaps with the pictures but STOP before reaching the dotted lines.  Glue the title on the top of the construction paper leaving room for your name.  Fold along the dotted line and glue this top strip on the construction paper under the title. Under each flap glue the correct labels on the construction paper. There should be two under each.
ELA-Study additional ELA notes for test on Wed.

Homework for June 5
Math - Do pp. 33 and 34 and pp. 37 and 38.
Phonics - Answer pp 257 and 258.
ELA - Study ELA notes in notebook for Selection Tests (on-line) tomorrow based on Arbor Day Square and The Family Tree (in the Text Collection: Unit 4)
**Those who missed Handwriting should do REFLECTIONS book pp. 14 and 15. Write 3 sentences.
***Today I sent home students' graded Science projects booklets. Students should review corrections made on EACH  PAGE as well as Science notes in notebook for quiz on Thursday.

Homework for June 
Math-  Do pp. 41 and 42.
Phonis - Read p. 259. Answer p. 260 (write 3 sentences). Read pp. 263-264.
Science- Quiz tomorrow.  Study ALL corrections made in the Project booklet and Science notes in notebook.  You will need to explain the frog OR butterfly life cycle using the time words: First, Next, Then, Last.
***There will be  a writing quiz tomorrow also.

Homework for June 7
Math - Do pp. 47 and 48.
Phonics- Do pp. 267 and 268.  Follow the book directions.
ELA-  Type in the address bar and enter your username and password.Click on "Classes "and find the following FIVE book titles: People Help the Forest,    A Garden for All,   How a Seed Grows,   The Sunflower Questions,   and Waiting for Poppy.      READ EACH BOOK . Get three sheets of loooseleaf and write a full heading on each,  Choose THREE of these books (except for Waiting for Poppy)   and write one of these titles on each looseleaf.  Answer ALL the questions from the back  of these books on the three separate looseleaf sheets..   Answer in sentences. Do neatly!!!

***Next week there is early dismissal on Mnday and Friday,  There will be a Religion quiz on Chapter 22 and a Social Studies quiz on Unit 6 Lesson 1.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Homework for May 28 to June 1 for Class 1-2

Dear Parents,
          The following homework was already assigned to students who were present on Thursday but DID NOT GO ON THE TRIP.  So all students who did go on the trip or were absent need to complete the following homework by June 1st.
Phonics - Do pp. 249, 250, 251, and 252.
Math - Do pp. 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Module 6 (same workbook- middle of book)
Handwriting - Do pp. 94, 95, and 96.
***Please remember that the Science project (assigned on May 23) is due on Tues., May 29th.
     On Thursday, we will have our May Procession at 9:00. All students will need to bring their rosary beads! Progress Reports will also be sent home that day! They should be returned Friday signed.

Lesson Plan

Homework for May 29
Math -  Do pp.7 and 8 in the workbook. Do carefully!  Each must have a labeled tape diagram, number sentence, and correct statement based on restating the question!  You must also complete pp. 3 and 4 or go back and check if you did all the parts stated in the directions!
Social Studies - On looseleaf write a full heading.  Answer SS Workbook p 44. Number 1 to 8 and write true or false next to each number.

Homework for May 30
Math - Do pp. 11 and 12 in the workbook and pp. 17 and 18.  They are easy!
Social Studies- On looseleaf write a full heading.  Answer SS Workbook p. 48.  Read carefully  Write 1 and 2 . Answer a,b, or c. 
Religion - Quiz tomorrow on the rosary and the mysteries of the rosary.  Study Religion notes in notebook. Study pp. 351 and 352 in Religion book.
***Those who missed Handwriting need to do Reflection Workbook pp. 12 and 13.  Fill in words to prayer on bottom blanks. Draw and color picture of Mary.  Write 3 or 4 sentences about her. Use words like Joseph, Gabriel, Elizabeth, mother, rosary shrine, procession.
***Wear uniform and bring rosary beads for May Procession tomorrow!

Homework for May 31
Math- Do pp. 21 and 22.
Phonics -Do pp. 253 and 254.
Science - Study notes in notebook for quiz next week,  Project booklets on animals will be sent home next week.
***Progress reports must be signed by parent and returned tomorrow. I will send them back after checking the signature.

Homework for June 1
Math- Do pp. 25 and 26. Neat work, carefully done!
Phonics- Do pp. 255 and 256.
ELA- Study the last ten vocabulary definitions in notebook for quiz on Monday.
Science- Study the notes in notebook  on frog and butterfly for quiz on Wed. or Thurs.  Project booklets will be sent home on Mon. or Tues. to study!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Homework for May 21 to 25 for Class 1-2

Dear Parents,
          Dismissal is at 12:00 on Monday. First graders will be taking the on-line MAP test in Reading on Tuesday and in Math on Wednesday.  On Thursday we are scheduled for our class trip to the Bronx Zoo.  If you wish your child to go on this trip, please make sure you send in the permission slip signed as well as $14.00 in an envelope NO LATER THAN MONDAY!  The price is also $14.00 for any parent who wishes to come.  There is no school on Friday, March 25th and on the following Monday, May 28th.
Please send in the test signed by Tuesday!

Lesson Plan

Homework for May 21
Math - Do pp. 179 and 180.  Study corrected exit tickets for End of the Module test tomorrow.
***Work on Reading on MAP and freckles (front row) web sites.

Homework for May 22
Math- MAP Math test is tomorrow!  Work on Math assignments on MAP and on freckles (front row)
Phonics- Do pp.243 and 244 (at least 3 sentences)
****Those who missed Handwriting should do p. 91, 92, 93 NEATLY!!!

Homework for May 23
Phonics - Do  pp.  247 and 248.
Science-Do the project on Animal Mothers and Babies.  Cut out the title, the middle flower, and each of the six pieces on the bottom. Write your name at the top of the construction paper. Glue the title under your name.  Then put glue ONLY ON THE BACK OF THE MIDDLE CIRCLE of the flower and FOLD UP ALL SIX FLAPS.  Then glue each of the baby animal under the flap showing its mother.  Do a neat job!  This work is due on May 29 since there is no school on Fri. or Mon.

All students are to arrive on time.  You need to wear a short sleeved shirt WITH THE SCHOOL LOGO ON IT, shorts, and SNEAKERS (since we are going to do lots of walking). Be sure you have a backpack since your hands need to be free. In the backpack put your lunch including a juice and two botttles of water.  You should also bring a pack of tissues, a small hand sanitizer, sunglasses, and sunscreen if you wish. If you bring money it must be kept in a small purse in the backpack.  DO NOT BRING ANY TOYS OR ELECTRONIC DEVICES!!!!  All students will need to stay with their class group at all times!
 ***Any students who are not going on the trip may still come to school.

Homework for May 24/25
The following homework was already assigned to students who were present on Thursday but DID NOT GO ON THE TRIP.  So all students who did go on the trip or were absent need to complete the following homework by June 1st.
Phonics - Do pp. 249, 250, 251, and 252.
Math - Do pp. 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Module 6 (same workbook- middle of book)
Handwriting - Do pp. 94, 95, and 96.
***Please remember that the Science project (assigned on May 23) is due on Tues., May 29th.