Monday, July 1, 2019

Supply List for those entering First Grade in September 2019

Dear Parents,
         I want to welcome your children to first grade!  Below is a list of supplies your child will need.
* three plastic folders (only the type sold in the supply room) - NO binders please!
* ONE  hard cover composition type notebook (wide ruled)- 100 pages or more!
* two packs of wooden pencils with erasers NO mechanical pencils or pens)
* a pack of 10-12 colored pencils (NO crayons)
* a pack of dry erase markers (NO Sharpies or similar permanent markers)
* a glue stick  (NO bottled glue)
* a plastic or wooden ruler
* two plastic or fabric pencil cases (no boxes) One is to hold 4 sharpened pencils with erasers. The other is to hold colored pencils, markers, a glue stick.  PENCILS MUST BE SHARPENED AT HOME!!!
* two reams of white copy paper (to be sent to the office for copies)
* one pad of loose leaf paper (paper with holes on side and red margin) wide ruled
* two boxes of tissues and two rolls of paper towels
* one container of Lysol disinfectant wipes
* one mini hand sanitizer for personal use
* one lunch box (MUST BE SEPARATE  from the book bag)
* book covers (any type as long as they are stay on securely)
* a small pack of construction paper (24-30 sheets)

I  DO  recommend that parents label sweaters, lunch boxes, and pencil cases.

***I will need to collect for a personal white board for each student to use throughout the year.

             Looking forward to seeing you!                                                          
                                                                                                                              Ms. Saville

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Notices for June 24 to 26

Dear Parents,
     We finally reached the end of our school year!  On Monday students may dress up. On Monday at 10:00 there will be an Awards Ceremony for special awards  (not report card certificates).  On Tuesday at about 11:00 we will have our End of the Year party. Please bring in one dollar, at least two juice containers, and your ONE  treat to share with the class. Dismissal on Monday and Tuesday is at 3:15. On Wednesday, we will have our End of the Year Mass at 10:00 followed by the eighth grade graduation ceremony. After that report cards will be distributed and Honor Certificates (first, second, and effort) will be given out.  Dismissal on Wed. is at 1:00 and we have been directed to bring your children outside in front of the building to be picked up.
      Students should bring book bags and their lunch boxes as usual on Mon. and Tues.  Students may bring a coloring or an activity book, a doll, cards, or a toy with which they can play at their desk.  NO ELECTRONICS OF ANY KIND. There is going to be much moving around in the room and in and out of class and these can be easily lost or misplaced. Please remember to leave the books and folders I sent home AT HOME so you can take the rest of the books home this week.
      I'm sorry my blog is late this one time.  I had a mini emergency at home.  If you have              questions, please see me in the morning.                                                            Ms. Saville 

****IMPORTANT NOTICE:  EVERYONE MUST BE IN FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM TOMORROW. At 10:00 we will our class Mass  followed by the 8th grade Graduation Ceremony.  At 12:00 Mr. Woods will start to give out Report Cards and Honors.   PLEASE REMEMBER THAT DISMISSAL ON WEDNESDAY IS AT 1:00.  Please make arrangements  so that your child is picked up on time.  I need to leave right at dismissal time on that day since I have an important repair appointment that I had to make for that afternoon and I'd like to see all my students off before I go.   Of course the school will be open in case of emergency delays.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Homework for June 17 to 21

Dear Parents,
         Once again,  thank you very much for your thoughtfulness on my birthday!  I loved the cake and so did your children!  I brought home the lovely balloons to make me smile!  There is no school again this Friday. Heads up, all school work done this week will count for the report card.
Our final party day will either be this Thurs. or next Mon.  I'll let you know.

Homework for June 17
Math- Math -  Do workbook pp. 101 and 102.  Follow sample in top right corner and previous two pages.
Phonics -  Do workbook pp. 97, 98, 99, and 100.
***Please look in your child's folder regarding the new Success Maker on-line program which your children will be asked to work on during the summer vacation.  This has been decided on instead of the Edgenuity program. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT ALL PARENTS SIGN THE SHEET AND RETURN IT BY TOMORROW!

Homework for June 18
Math- Do workbook pp. 105 and 106.  Follow sample in top right corner and previous two pages.
Phonics- Do workbook pp. 101, 102, 103, and 104.
***I am sending home the last set of 12 tests:  1 Religion, 1 Science, 1 Social Studies, 1 Phonics, 1 Writing, 2 Grammar, 2 Math, and 3 Reading (one on looseleaf).  If you sign and return these, I will send all the year's test home in a folder by Monday.

Homework for June 19
Math- Do workbook pp. 109 and 110. Follow sample in top right corner and previous two pages.
Phonics-  Do workbook pp. 109, 110, 111, and 112. Yes, I am asking you to skip some pages!!!
***Only children who received NUT card may dress down tomorrow!

Notices for June 20
*** Today I sent home test folders and work folders.  In the test folder I included the two missing tests from yesterday:a Reading and a Math.  All children should LEAVE THESE FOLDERS AT HOME! They may also leave home their Readers's Writer's Journal  because we completed the three units for this year and their Math workbooks. Next week children will take home the rest of their books.  Every child must bring their book bags next week.
      The Honors Ceremony will be on Monday at 10:00. This ceremony is only for special yearly awards NOT the ones for the report cards. Students should dress up on Monday but students must be in full school uniform on Wednesday.  Final reports cards will be given out on Wednesday and dismissal on Wed. is at 1:00.  We will have our end of the school  year party on Tuesday.  Since we also celebrating a student's birthday on Tuesday, I assigned everyone ONE treat to bring for the class and their own juices. that must be in small containers.  Please also bring in $!.00 to cover the cost of treats I will bring in.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Homework for June 10 to 13

Dear Parents,
        This is our last week of testing.  All students who were absent on Friday will be given their missed Reading Test on Monday.  On Monday I will also be giving the Writing Test on expressing an opinion on a certain goods or service as well as a brief assessment on the vocabulary for Supermarket.  On Tues. I will give the Selection Test on Supermarket. On Wed, there will be a Grammar test and a Unit 3 Reading Test (questions based on a story) and on Thurs. I will give the End of Module 6 Math test. There is no school on Friday.

Click on link to view this week's lesson plan

Homework for June 10 
Math-  Do workbook pp. 85 and 86. Follow directions
ELA- Review vocabulary definitions in notebook for Supermarket and reread the book on Pearson website.  It is the second story in Text Collection (Unit 3).
Review for  Grammar Test on Voyages pp. 166 to 182 covering prefixes, suffixes, and homophones.

Homework for June 11
Math- Do workbook pp. 88 and 89.Be sure to read and follow all directions. Study the corrected Mid Module test I sent home in order to review for End of Module test on Thurs. Bring back test tomorrow. Do NOT make any changes!
Review for  Grammar Test on Voyages pp. 166 to 182 covering prefixes, suffixes, and homophones.

Homework for June 12
Math- Do workbook pp. 93 and 94.  Read all directions! Study all corrected exit tickets in folder for End of the Module Test tomorrow. Be sure to review all about money.
Phonics- Do pp. 89, 90, 91, and 92.   Easy!
***Tomorrow there will be a musical presentation and Donuts for Dad in the auditorium at 11:00.
Since we have this special event all students will be allowed to dress down tomorrow!

Homework for June 13
Math- Do workbook pp. 97 and 98.  Read all directions!
Phonics- Do pp. 93, 94, 95, and 96.  Easy!
***Dear Parents, thank you very much for your thoughtfulness on my birthday!  I loved the cake and so did your children!  I brought home the lovely balloons to make me smile!                                          Ms. Saville

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Homework for June 3 to 7

Dear Parents,
         Please remember to send in the Progress Report (with the MAP score sheets attached) signed on Monday.  Hopefully, you were able to check your child's progress this year by following the line from Fall '18 to Winter '19 to Spring '19 and noting the points of growth since they started in Sept. One sheet is for Math and the other is for Reading.
       This week I will be giving a Science Quiz on Tues., a Social Studies Quiz on Wed., and a Religion Quiz on Thurs.  THERE IS SCHOOL ON FRIDAY BUT DISMISSAL IS AT 12:00!!! This is to make up for the Snow Day!!!! You may begin reviewing the TWO books we are studying in class on the Pearson web site which are Good and Services and Supermarket.  You must click on Text Collection (unit 3) to find Supermarket which is the second story. There will be a test on Goods and Services  on Friday.
The following week there will another Grammar Quiz, a final Math test, and the test on Supermarket.
Smile!  Summer vacation is almost here!

Click on this link to view this week's lesson plan

Homework for June 3
Math - Do workbook pp. 55 and 56.  Look at previous two pages as a guide. First page should have the TWO number sentences and the second page should have the THREE number sentences.
Science- Review for quiz tomorrow  text pp. D 22 to D 31 and D 34 and D 35.
ELA- Copy the following title and definitions on your next notebook page. Due Thurs. STUDY!
                                                      Vocabulary for Goods and Services
1. goods- things, products
2. services- work done for others
3. wants- wishes, desires
4. needs- things one must have
5. collects- gathers
6. earn- to make money by working
7. taxes- fees collected by the government to pay for places and services we all use
8. consumers- buyers
9. producers- sellers
10. opinion - writing that express what one thinks or feels

Homework for June 4
Math- Do workbook pp. 59 and 60. SHOW YOUR WORK WITH NUMBER SENTENCES. Break down one addend and begin your  two number sentences using the other addend. Study all 14 corrected exit tickets for the Mid-Module Assessment to be given on Thurs.
Social Studies- Study text pp. 202 to 207 and pp. 210 to 212 for quiz tomorrow.

Homework for June 5
Math- Do workbook pp. 63 and 64.   Use previous two  pages as a guide. Review fourteen corrected exit tickets for  Mid Module Test  tomorrow.
Religion- Review Chapters 15 and 16 for quiz tomorrow.  Be able to identify people present at Baptism, the two symbols, and what happens at Baptism.
***Only students who received a green NUT card (stands for No Uniform Tomorrow) are allowed to wear dress down clothes tomorrow. If you received No card, you MUST wear your uniform.   On Friday ALL students must wear their uniform even if it is a half-day!

Homework for June 6
Math- Do workbook pp. 67 and 68.  Use previous two  pages as a guide.
ELA- Study vocabulary for Goods and Services  (in notebook) for test tomorrow. Read over the book on Pearson website.
***Dismissal is at 12:00 tomorrow. If you are absent please check the blog by Friday afternoon to see Friday's homework and upcoming tests for next week.  You can pick up books before dismissal.
*****IMPORTANT:  Starting today lunch for first grade has been changed to 12:45 every day. Since lunch is so late, I will allow all children to have a snack around 11:00. Please make sure that your child brings a snack every day that is SEPARATE from their lunch. This may be a snack bag of nuts, fruit, a small bag of chips, popcorn, an apple, banana. or a granola bar.   It CANNOT be a lunch, sandwich, or anything MESSY.  Only a simple snack  will be allowed!!!!

Homework for June 7
***In order to complete the Math book by the end of the school year, I am skipping Lessons 17, 18, and `19 since they are just repeating the same type of examples over and over for practice.  We did  Lesson 20 today on money so please do the homework pages for Lesson 20.
Math- Do workbook pp. 81 and 82.  Use previous two pages as a guide.

ELA- Copy the following title and definitions on your next notebook page.  Study for an assessment.

                                            Vocabulary for Supermarket
1. supermarket- large grocery story
2. necessary- important, needed
3. shoppers- buyers, consumers
4. decisions- choices, selections
5. inventory- stock, number of each type of goods in a store
6. spoiled- decayed, rotten
7. average- usual, normal
8. celebrate- honor

****Next week, there will be a Grammar Test on Voyages pp. 166 to 182 covering prefixes, suffixes, and homophones. There will also be a final Math End of Module 6 Test and a Reading test on the book Supermarket. The vocabulary for this book is listed above and the book can be found on the Pearson website if you click on Text Collection (Unit 3).There may also be a final Unit 3 Reading and Writing Test. That's it ---the end of testing this year! Smile--at least they are not taking final exams like the older students!  There will be NO school next Friday! Please remember to send in a separate snack for your child every day next week since lunch is now at 12:45. Thank you.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Homework for May 27 to 31

Dear Parents,
         This week there will be a Grammar Quiz on Wed.  There is Mass on Ascension Thursday.
 Remember gym on Tuesday!  Progress Reports will be going home on Friday. These must be signed and returned. After checking the signature they will be sent back home.

Click on link to view this week's lesson plan

Homework for Tues., May 28
Math-  Do workbook pp.  33 and 34.  Follow the directions.
Grammar- Study Voyages pp. 150 to 165 for quiz on Wed. or Thurs. Study synonyms, antonyms, word categories, and context clues.
***The following seven test papers are to be signed and returned by Thursday:  Reading, Writing, Math, Grammar, Religion, Social Studies, and Science.

Homework for Wed., May 29
Math-  Do workbook pp. 37, 38 and 41, 42. Yes--four pages tonight only.  We need to catch up!
Grammar- Review Voyages pp. 150 to 165 for quiz.

Homework for Thurs., May 30
Math- Do workbook pp. 47 and 48.  For p. 48 look at top right for a sample on how to do the number bond and two number sentences for each!
Phonics - Do workbook pp. 85, 86, 87, 88.  Easy!
***Yes, you may review Grammar ONE MORE TIME!!!????
***I will collect the test papers tomorrow if they have not yet been collected.

Homework for Fri., May 31
Math- Do workbook pp. 51 and 52.  Be sure to read and follow directions on p. 52.
***Next week there will be a Religion Quiz on Chapters 15 and 16.
 ***There will also be a Social Studies on text pp. 202 to 207 and pp. 210 to 212.
*** There will also be a Science Quiz on text pp. D 22 to D 31 and D 34 and D 35.
***Parent please sign progress report and send it in on Monday.  You will get it right back.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Homework for May 20 to 24

Dear Parents,
          This Monday we have 12:00 dismissal.  On Wed. all first graders will be taking the MAP Test in Reading.  On Friday there will be NO SCHOOL!

Please click here to view this week's lesson plan

Homework for Mon., May 20
Math- Do workbook pp. 21 and 22.  For more DRAW more squares as needed. For less CROSS off squares as needed.
Phonics - Do green workbook pp. 79 and 80.

Homework for Tues,. May 21
Math - Do workbook pp. 29 and 30.  SKIP LESSON  6.
Religion- Review Rosary sheet (both sides) for quiz tomorrow!
***MAP TEST in Reading tomorrow.

Homework for Wed., May 22
No Math homework tonight!
Phonics- Do workbook pp. 81 and 82.
Science- On loose leaf write a full heading.  Answer two questions on p. D 25 in complete sentences.
***Wear uniform tomorrow!

Homework for Thurs. and Fri., May 23 and 24
Math - Do workbook pp. 25 and 26. This is for Lesson 6--the one you skipped!
Social Studies- On loose leaf  write a full heading.  Answer in text p. 211 questions 1, 2, 3, and 4 in complete sentences.
Phonics- Answer pp. 83 and 84.
***No school now till Tues.  Have a good weekend!
***On Tuesday I will be sending home seven test papers to be signed and returned by Thursday. These are Reading, Writing, Math, Grammar, Religion, Social Studies, and Science.  Progress Reports will be going home on Friday.  These must be signed and returned also. After checking the signature they will be sent back home. Remember gym on Tuesday!