Friday, March 15, 2019

Homework for March 18 to 22

Dear Parents,
        This week there will be a Reading and Writing test based on the book Going to School   and(found on the Pearson website. There will also be the End of Unit 2 Reading Test.  These will be given on separate days starting on Wed. There will also be  a Math Quiz on Friday based on lessons and exit tickets 13 to 20.  Remember to bring in the completed weather chart on Monday.

Click on this link to view lesson plan.

Homework for March 18
Math-  Do workbook pp. 87 and 88. Follow sample in upper right corner.
ELA- Study the vocabulary definitions for Going to School in your notebook.  Read over the book on Pearson website.  Choose ONE student from the book and think of one way in which school  for you and this student are similar and think of one way in which school for  you and this student are different. Write down your ideas and be ready to discuss.

Homework for March 19
Math- Do workbook pp. 91 and 92.  Follow sample in upper right corner.
ELA-Test tomorrow on  Going to School.. Review vocabulary definitions. Study what the students do at recess.
Science- On loose leaf write a full heading.  Answer two questions on p. C37. Science is due on Thurs.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Homework for March 11 to 15

Dear Parents,
         This week there is no school on Friday.  Stations of the Cross will be on Thursday at 12:15.  On Thursday there will be a Religion Quiz on the Lent and Easter seasons.

Click on this link to view lesson plan.

Homework for March 11
Math- Do pp. 71 and 72.  Refer to previous two pages as a guide.
Phonics- Do workbook pp. 63 and 64.  Read directions.
Science- On weather chart you made, start checking off one or two squares each day to show the weather you observe each day this week..Completed weather chart is due back next Mon., Mar 18.

Homework for March 12
Math- Do pp. 75 and 76.  Read and follow directions for each section.
Religion- Copy the following  notes on the next page of your notebook and STUDY them. You may have until Thursday if necessary to copy the notes but remember your test is on Thursday.

                                                         Notes on Lenten Season
1. Lent lasts 40 days.  It begins on Ash Wednesday.
2. Its liturgical color is purple.
3. During Lent, we fast.  This means we give up certain foods as a sacrifice.
4. During Lent, we do alms giving.  This means we help the poor by donating.
5. During Lent, we pray Stations of the Cross on Fridays to remember Jesus' suffering and death.
6. Jesus died on Good Friday and rose on Easter Sunday.
7. The Easter Triduum lasts from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday.
8. On Easter we celebrate that Jesus rose or came back to life.

***Remember to check off Tuesday's weather on your weather chart!

Homework for March 13
Math- Do pp. 79 and 80.  Be sure to answer #7 and #14 also.
Religion -Quiz tomorrow.  Review notes above and watch the video on this link: Stations of the Cross

***Remember to check off Wednesday's weather on your weather chart!

Homework for March 14
Math -  Do pp. 83 and 84.  Answer each question and explain as stated.
***Remember to check off  Thursday's and Friday's  weather on your weather chart! Completed paper is due on Monday.

******In order to prepare students for the important MAP test this spring, I  have assigned work on the MAP website. There are four categories students can work on: Math, Reading, Language, and Vocabulary.  Each of these subjects has a number listed showing how many assignments are there for the child to work on. Every student had a note placed in their folder showing their username and password.  The easiest way is to goggle: student map login. Click on Students Log in Here. Enter the username and password and you are ready to go. I will be adding in more assignments on Friday so your child can practice as much as possible.  I showed all students today how to get in and we practiced one assignment together. 

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Homework for March 4 to 8

Dear Parents,
    Please remember to send all quizzes back by Monday.  This week we are celebrating the beginning of  Lent which starts on Ash Wednesday and ends Easter Sunday. At Wednesday's Mass all students will receive ashes on their foreheads.  There will be a Math Mid Module Assessment on Tuesday based on the corrected exit tickets I sent home.

Click on this link to view lesson plan

Homework for March 4
Math - Study corrected exit tickets 1 to 12 for Mid Module Assessment tomorrow.

Homework for March 5
**No Math homework tonight!
**Wear uniform for Mass tomorrow.
Religion- Read over pp. 232-233. Color cross on p. 234 like a stained glass window--all different colors. On p. 236 draw a picture of you doing almsgiving or praying Stations of the Cross.  Then complete all sentences.
Science -Make a weather chart using the sample on p. C33 on the blank sheet but instead of pictures on the left side write the words: sunny, windy, cloudy, rainy, and snowy. Along the top write the same days of the week Monday to Friday.

Homework for March 6 
Phonics - Do pp. 61 and 62.  Read and follow directions!
ELA- In Voyages book answer pp. 95 and 96.  Read and follow directions.
No Math tonight!
***Students received folded up Rice Bowl cartons today.  Students should keep it at home and put some money in it every week.  Just before Easter students will be asked to bring them in.

Homework for March 7
Math- Do pp. 63 and 64. Follow the first sample shown in drawing the quick tens and ones NEATLY! Look at parts circled in the directions on each page!
Religion- On the white sheet prepared in class titled LENT, draw and color a picture for each square showing you receiving ashes, doing alms giving, fasting from meat or snacks,  and praying the Stations of the Cross as it says in the sentences.
***NO DRESS DOWN TOMORROW! Few children who deserve it will receive a treat at the end of the day.

Homework for March 8
Math- Do pp. 67 and 68.  Look at parts circled in the directions on each page!
ELA- On the Pearson website, practice reading  the book Going to School. On next notebook page, copy the title printed below and then copy each number, word, and definition.  Study for an assessment on Monday.

                                             Vocabulary for Going to School
1. countries- land masses inside continents
2. community- neighborhood
3. library- place to borrow books
4. ballet- a graceful dance done on the toes
5, diagrams- drawings with labels
6. native- person belonging to a country
7. village - a town
8. city- an urban area

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Homework for Feb. 25 to March 1

Dear Parents,
         This week there is 12:00 dismissal on both Monday and Friday.  There will be a Science Quiz on Tuesday and a Religion Quiz on Wed.. Progress Reports will be given out on Thursday.  All students must be in full school uniform on Thursday.  Remember that gym class is now on Tuesdays.

Lesson plan can be viewed by clicking this link.

Homework for Feb. 25
Math- Do workbook pp. 39 and 40.
Religion- Study Chapter 9 for quiz on Wed.
Science- Quiz tomorrow!   Review text pp. C4 to C23. Be sure you read each page and know all vocabulary words.

Homework for Feb. 26
Math- Do workbook pp. 43 and 44. See previous two pages as a guide.
Religion- Quiz tomorrow.  Review Chapter 9. Be able to write two or three sentences about the parable of The Good Shepherd.  You may click on this link:  The Good Shepherd to help you understand the story.
Science- On loose leaf write a full heading.  Answer two questions from text book p. C31.

Homework for Feb. 27
Math- Do workbook pp. 47 and 48. NO CARELESS MISTAKES!!!!
Social Studies-  On loose leaf write a full heading.  Answer two questions from text book p. 147.
***Everyone must be in full uniform tomorrow!

Homework for Feb. 28
Math- Do workbook pp. 52 and 53.  Complete a number bond and both number sentences for EACH.
Phonics - Do pp. 58, 59, and 60.
***Dismissal is at 12:00 this Friday.  Dress up as a Dr. Seuss character if  possible.  Don't neglect your homework!!!!
***I am sending home seven tests today:  Reading,  Phonics,  Grammar,  Math,   Religion,      Science, and Social Studies.  Parent please sign each and return by Monday.
***Progress Reports were sent home as well.  Ii must be signed by a parent and returned tomorrow.  Once I check the signature, I will place them back in your child's folder.

Homework for March 1
Math-  Do workbook pp. 59 and 60. See previous two pages as a guide.
Study all exit tickets 1 to 12 for quiz next Tuesday.
***Parents, you may notice that the math is getting more difficult. Some students are not doing well due to careless mistakes, incomplete work, or failure to follow directions or watch the signs.  FOCUS and ATTENTION to these matters is important if your child is to improve.
***Tests should be signed and returned on Monday.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Homework for Feb. 18 to 22

Dear Parents,
          Thank you for your thoughtfulness on Valentine's  Day.  On  Thursday afternoon  all classes received a new schedule.  According to this schedule, gym class will now be on TUESDAYS from 9:45 to 10:30 and Music period has been cancelled on Mondays.  They will have Music only on Friday mornings. This Friday we have our Class Mass so some students from our class will be selected to do readings or bring up the gifts.  We will be practicing this week.
            There will be a Grammar Quiz on Thurs. on Chapter 3 all about verbs.You should review the whole chapter but the most important are Voyages pp. 86, 87, and 88.  There will be a test on the book Far From Home on Friday.  Vocabulary words are in the notebook and the book can be read on the Pearson website.  There will be a Science Quiz next Monday on Chapter 5 on the sun, the moon and stars, and the planets. Study pp. C 4 to C 23.
            Om Thursday we are celebrating our 100th Day in School. There will be a bake sale that day if you are interested. Please have students bring in a purse to carry their change; they are responsible for taking care of their own money.    Students are allowed to come in looking as if they are 100 years old.  How?  Use your imagination!  Progress Reports will be given out on Friday!

Lesson plan be viewed by clicking this link.

Homework for Feb. 19
Math- Do workbook pp. 17 and 18.
Science- Watch the video by clicking on this link:  phases of the moon  at least twice and be ready for a brief assessment. It is a follow up to today's Science lesson.

Homework for Feb. 20
Math- Do workbook pp. 21 and 22. Quick tens are lines and ones are circles. See first sample.
Grammar-  Quiz tomorrow. Review all of Chapter 3 and study especially pp. 86, 87, and 88.
*** If possible come in looking as if you were 100 years old to celebrate our 100th day in school, but don't neglect doing your homework!

Homework for Feb. 21
Math- Do workbook pp. 27 and 28.  On p. 28 notice directions state to draw or cross off as needed.
ELA- Quiz tomorrow on Far From Home.  Study vocabulary definitions in notebook.  Read book on Pearson website.
*One more Update! Last message is that Progress Reports will be given out NEXT Friday, March 1st.
*** IMPORTANT:  I noticed that some students have brought in cash for the books you want to order from Scholastic. I did not collect the money because as previously stated IT MUST BE IN A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER. MADE OUT TO SCHOLASTIC or you can order it on line yourself if you like.
***Our class Mass is tomorrow at 9:00. EVERYONE MUST BE IN SCHOOL UNIFORM. Some students have been assigned a part.  Parents are invited if you'd like to attend.

Homework for Feb. 22
Math- Do workbook pp. 33, 34, AND 35.  Read ALL directions.  Do all 3 pages carefully.
Science - Quiz on Tuesday.  Study text pp. C4 to C23. Be sure you read each page and know all vocabulary words.
***If you want to order books from Scholastic, you have until next Friday to send in a check or money order made out to Scholastic for the total amount.
*** A reminder that we have 12:00 dismissal on Monday.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Homework for Feb. 11 to 15

Dear Parents,
         This Mon. all students should be dressed in full school uniform. Just a reminder that there is an End of Module 3 Math Test on Monday and a Social Studies Quiz on Tues.  as mentioned last week.  On Wed. students should dress up (in red, pink, purple) for their Valentine Musical Presentation at 9:00.  Parents are invited. On Thurs. we will have our Valentine party in the afternoon.  Please bring in $5.00 by Wed. I will provide two slices and different types of chips. On Thurs. all students should wear red and each child should bring in their own juices (at least two) and ONE bag of any Valentine candy or treat for the class. There will NO SCHOOL on Friday, the 15th or Mon., the 18th. I will be assigning the five leveled readers on www.pearsonrealize over the weekend.

Lesson plan can be viewed by clicking this link.

Homework for Feb. 11

*No Math homework tonight.
Social Studies-  Study for quiz tomorrow text pp. 116 to 127. Students should be able to distinguish which is a continent (7) , which is a country (3), and which is an ocean (4). Be sure to study Using Skills section on p. 139. Practice writing out the answers to the top three questions using the map.

Science- On loose leaf write a full heading. Answer two questions in textbook p. C9 in complete sentences. See heading sample below.

          First and Last Name                                                                        Feb. 11, 2019
          O. L. Q. M.                                                                                      Grade 1

Homework for Feb. 12
Math- Go to Module 4 section. Do workbook pp. 3 and 4.
Phonics - Do pp. 56 and 57.
***Dress up for your Valentine musical performance tomorrow at 9:00.

Homework for Feb. 13
Math- Do workbook pp. 7 and 8. See previous two pages as a guide.
ELA- In Voyages workbook do pp. 82 and 83.  READ THE TOP OF EACH PAGE FIRST!
***Bring in your own small containers of juice and a Valentine treat to share with the class. You are allowed to bring in cards or stickers if you want to.

Homework for Feb. 14                                       Happy Valentine's  Day!
Math- Do workbook pp. 13 and 14.  Answer EVERY question.
ELA-  On  look up and find the following Unit 2 leveled readers:            The Class Play,  Election Day, We Have Rules, Off to School We Go, and The 100th Day of School.  Read ALL FIVE books.  Then on three sheets of loose leaf I provided,  write a full heading (see below) . Then choose THREE of these books and answer all questions found in the back of  each book in complete sentences.  DO EACH BOOK ON A SEPARATE SHEET..  Be sure to put the title of each book under the heading.

            First Name and Last Name                                                       Feb. 15, 2019
            O. L. Q. M                                                                                 Grade 1

Title: ___________________________________________________

***I am sending home a flyer from Scholastic Books with great non-fiction books to encourage your child to read.  If you are interested, please check off which books you want and make out a check payable to Scholastic Book Clubs with the total amount and have your child bring it in on Tues.  If our order reaches $100, we get five free books.  If you prefer to order on line yourself and spend at least $25,  you get a free book.. You can choose whatever you prefer.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Homework for Feb. 4 to 8

Dear Parents,
         This Monday at 2:00 we will have a prayer service for the feast of St.  Blaise.  All students will have their throats blessed.  On Tuesday  there will be a Math quiz  on measurement.  It will be based on exit tickets 1 to 9.  There will also be a Religion quiz on Friday on Chapter 8. 

Lesson plan can be viewed by clicking this link.

Homework for Feb. 4 
Math - Do workbook pp.59 and 60.  Parents may help on this one--if you dare!
***Study Exit tickets 1 to 9 as well as the corresponding Lessons 1 to 9 corrected homework pp. in the workbook.  There is NO other homework tonight in order to give students enough time to study!

Homework for Feb. 5
***No Math homework tonight!  Happy Chinese New Year!
ELA- In Voyages workbook do pp. 77 and 79.  Read the top of each page first. Anyone who missed p. 72 should do that page also.
On next notebook page, copy the following words and definitions and then study them for a brief assessment.  REMEMBER TO BEGIN WITH THE TITLE BELOW.

                                               Vocabulary for Far From Home
1. tidy-  neat, clean
2. strange-  weird, odd, unusual
3. neatly-  in an orderly way; opposite of messy
4. exercise- movement that keeps you healthy
5. enjoy- like, have fun
6. shocked- surprised
7. promised- agreed to do something
8. tucked- pushed in, hidden
9. central message- main idea

****The book Far From Home which we will be studying in class is already available on  to read if you wish to practice reading it!

Homework for Feb. 6
Math - Do workbook pp. 63 and 64.
Phonics - Do workbook pp. 53, 54, 55.  Be sure to read directions before starting each page!
***Reminder about the Religion quiz on Chapter 8 this Friday!

Homework for Feb. 7
Math- Do workbook pp. 67 and 68.  Read carefully! This is the end of Module 3, so there will be an End of Module Test on Mon. on Lessons 10 to 13. Exit tickets will go home on Friday.

Religion- Study Chapter 8 for quiz on Friday.  Students should also practice writing TWO complete sentences (no more than that)  about ONE of Jesus' miracles that we studied about for the Religion Fair.
***Please look at corrected vocabulary assessments I sent home.  Many are NOT reviewing well!
They WILL  be allowed to have pizza for lunch for National Pizza Day!

Homework for Feb. 8
Math- Study corrected Exit tickets 10 to 13 for End of Module Test on Monday. Review also Exit tickets 1 to 9 . You may also review the corresponding homework pages I corrected as well as the Math test on measuring.

Social Studies- On loose leaf write a full heading (see below). Copy each word and definition for vocabulary words in textbook p. 138 Thinking About Words  #1 to 10. There will be a Social Studies next week on these words. You can also review  pp. 116 to 119.

***I am sending home four tests. Please sign each and return:  Math, Religion, Writing,  and Phonics.
***Please check on Sunday afternoon for information about Valentine Day festivities.