Sunday, October 15, 2017

Homework for Class 1-2 for Oct. 16 to 20

Dear Parents,
         There is 12:00 dismissal this Monday.  On Wed. I will be attending a workshop so I will be leaving a packet of work to be done and another teacher will be taking care of the class.  The Safe Environment program (keeping children safe from strangers) will be covered in a Religion class this week.  Progress Reports will be sent home on Friday so you can know how your child is doing so far this year. Any students who were absent on Friday or who forgot to bring in their set of five tests must bring them in on Monday to be filed.

Lesson Plan

Homework for Oct. 16
Math - Do pp. 105 and 106 in the workbook.
FSW-  Do  pp. 31 and 32 in the workbook.
IMPORTANT:  Be sure to bring sharpened colored pencils for Math class tomorrow!

Homework for Oct. 17
Math - Do p. 110 in the workbook.  Color neatly and correctly!  Finish p. 109 by writing in ALL the sums and completing the coloring of the boxes, following the directions.
Social Studies -  On loose leaf write a full heading.  Answer textbook p. 43 #1 and 2 and p. 45 #1, 2, and 3. Use one loose leaf only! READ QUESTIONS CAREFULLY!!!

Notice to Parents: I reviewed yesterday's Math homework on p. 106 and had them redo since directions were a bit confusing. Also I gave out several sheets that were placed in the back of their homework folder.  Three sheets have sight words listed that the children should study (pre-pimer, primer, and a first grade list) The other several sheets in alphabetical order  are to serve as  a personal word wall which children will be adding to during the school year to help them with their writing.  These are NOT to be filled in yet.  THE SHEETS NEED TO STAY IN THEIR FOLDER AT ALL TIMES.  Also all students need to bring this folder home and back to school again EVERY DAY!  You will also find in the folder the envelope for ordering class pictures if you wish.  Please return with money enclosed when possible.

Homework for Oct. 18
Math- Do p. 112 in the workbook. Math Quiz on Friday. Study corrected Math exit tickets in folder.
Religion- Study Chapter 3 and answer p. 54 including last question. Religion quiz this Friday!
**Any students who left with Ms. Sullivan this morning must do Handwriting pp. 12-13
***Please remember to look for tomorrow's homework. after 3:00.  Any classwork not finished in class must be completed for homework.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Homework for Class 1-2 for Oct. 9 to 13

Dear Parents,
         There will be a Hispanic Heritage Music Presentation on Thurs.  The students in our class are scheduled to sing from 10:00 to 11:00.  You are invited to attend if possible.  On Friday our class  will have a Fire Prevention Presentation from 9:45 to 10:30 so schedules will need to be adjusted.    On Tuesday I will be sending home all the quizzes students have taken- a total of five.  Each one needs to be signed and returned by Friday so they can be filed.
This week students will take a Selection reading quiz on line and a Religion Quiz on Chapter  2.

Lesson Plan

Homework for Oct. 10
Math - Answer pp. 93 and 94
ELA - On the next page of the notebook, have students write a full heading CORRECTLY. Write ELA as the subject.  Be sure to number each and skip a line after each definition.
1. rules - laws
2. behaved - acted correctly, obeyed rules
3. safe - not in danger, not hurt
4. wondered - thoughtful
5. mused - wondered
6. mystery - secret
7. wingspan - size of wings when opened
8.  tropical - place with a hot climate

Homework for Oct. 11
Math- Answer pp. 97-98 in the workbook.
ELA - In Foundational Skills Workbook (FSW) read directions and answer pp. 25 and 27.
Religion - Study Chapter 2 for quiz on Thursday.
**Those students who did not do Handwriting pp.  8-9 because they left the class with Ms. Sullivan   must complete the work no later than this Friday.
**** It was agreed at the last minute today that students may wear dress up clothes tomorrow since they are performing - but no jeans!

Homework for Oct. 12
Math- Answer pp. 101-102 in the workbook.
Social Studies- In the workbook STUDY p. 4 .  You need to know which names are continents (7) and which names are oceans (4). On loose leaf write a full heading and answer p. 5  (answers only).

*All students took the on line test on Stellaluna  for ELA on Wed.  and grades were recorded on the SIS.  Tomorrow the internet will not be working so the on line test on Frog and Toad will be given on Friday.

Homework for Oct. 13
Social Studies - On loose leaf write a full heading. Answer in text book p. 36 #1 to 5 about the November calendar.  Study in text book pp.  G4 to G9  and in workbook p. 4.  Quiz next week.
No Math this weekend!

Be sure you log in on ixl  with correct username and password.  Click on Language Arts and work on N3,  N4 (nouns) and P2 (verbs) .  Click on Math  and work on D3 (addition)  and D5 (word problems)

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Homework for Class 1-2 for Oct. 2 to 6

Dear Parents,
         This Wed. we are having Mass at 9:00 to celebrate the feast day of St. Francis Assisi.  All students are allowed in to bring in their pet (if they wish) to be blessed by Father. Parents must however  be able to take the pet home right after Mass.

Lesson plan

Homework for Oct. 2
Math - Do p. 73 in the workbook.
Social Studies Workbook - DO NOT WRITE IN THE WORKBOOK. On looseleaf  paper write a full heading.  Read directions. Answer p. 8 by writing #1 and putting an x next to a,b,c, or d.  Do the same for #2.
Science -  Be sure to review BOTH pages of vocabulary definitions in notebook for upcoming quiz!

Homework for Oct. 3
Math - Do p. 77 in workbook.
Religion- Answer p.. 42 in the book.
Social Studies- Study two sets of Social Studies definitions in notebook for quiz on Thurs. Study also Unit 1 Review page 34 in text book.

Homework for Oct. 4
Math- Do p. 81 in workbook.  Check errors on p. 77.  Any children who have been absent must complete  ALL missing Math  pages no later than this Friday.
Social Studies quiz is tomorrow.  Review Unit 1 p. 34 and BOTH sets of Social Studies definitions in the notebook.
Writing Quiz on Friday will require students to draw pictures of two events that happened in
Stellaluna and write two sentences about them. They must write COMPLETE sentences stating with a capital letter and ending with a period. Characters' names must also begin with capital letters.

Homework  for Oct. 5
Math - Do p. 85 in the workbook.  Review corrected  Exit tickets for Math quiz.
Science-  On looseleaf write a full heading.  Write 2 or 3 sentences explaining how we used the string telephone in Science lab.  You can  tell what was used and what we did. Don't worry about spelling. Use capitals and periods correctly.  Do your best!

Homework for Oct. 5
Math- Do p. 89 in the workbook. Please check previous homework corrections.
Religion quiz next week on Chapter 2.
IXL -  Practice D1, D2, D4 (consonant sounds) in Language Arts
 and A16 (odd & even),  B2 (adding sentences), and B3 (using number line)  in Math.
***Please make sure your child logs in correctly so I can check their progress.
* Parents,  please remember that school is closed on Monday. I will be sending home all the corrected quizzes on Tuesday.  Please make sure you sign each quiz and return them no later than Friday so they can be kept on file. Thank you.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Homework for Class 1-2 for Sept. 25 to 29

Dear Parents,
           There is 12:00 dismissal this Monday.  Students are scheduled to do the MAP testing in Reading on Tuesday.  I will be checking notebooks on Monday to check for Science, Social Studies, and ELA vocabulary words and definitions. Each page should start with a full heading including correct date and subject.

Lesson Plan

Homework for Sept. 25
Math - Do pp. 55-56 in the workbook.
Religion - Quiz on Thurs. based on Chapter 1.
***Students who took their notebook home have to redo some of their work. Please check for written messages in the notebook.

Homework for Sept. 26  (No Math tonight)
Religion -Review Chapter 1 for quiz Thurs.
Social Studies- On the next page of their notebook, have students write a full heading CORRECTLY.  Then have them copy the following words with definitions.  Be sure to number each and skip a line after each definition.  STUDY THE DEFINITIONS!

1. neighborhood- a place where people live, work, and play
2. community- many different neighborhoods together
3. town- a small community
4. urban community - city (tall buildings, stores)
5. rural community- countryside (private homes, farms)
6. transportation- ways of moving people or goods from one place to another

Homework for Sept. 27
Math - Do pp. 61 and 62 in the workbook
ELA - On the next page of their notebook, have students write a full heading CORRECTLY.      Write ELA as the subject.  Be sure to number each and skip a line after each definition.

1. nighttime- (compound word) -  happening at night
2. crash - smash, hit
3. rescue - save or free from danger
4. clutched - grabbed tightly
5. grasped - caught, grabbed
6. headfirst - (compound word) - leading with one's head
7. daybreak -  (compound word) - at dawn,  at first light
8. obey - follow rules

*Parents today I returned all the Math sprints your children have been doing each day for practice.  They are stapled together in order so you can see their progress.  Please take these out of the folder and keep them in a safe place.  I will be sending more work home soon so students can review before quizzes!  The first ones I corrected. The rest are supposed to be corrected by the children as I call out the answers after the sprint. 

Homework for Sept. 28
Math- Do pp. 65 and 66 in the workbook.
Science-   On the next page of their notebook, have students write a full heading CORRECTLY.      Write Science as the subject.  Be sure to number each and skip a line after each definition.  Copy ALL information below in your notebook.

1. sound- something you hear.  A sound can be loud (siren) or soft  (whisper).  A sound can also be high (bird's screech) or low  (drum).  Loud is not the same as high.   Soft is not the same as low.
2. eardrum- small part inside your ear that vibrates
3. deaf - a person who is not able to hear
4. hearing aid- something people use if they have trouble hearing
5. moon phases-  lighted shapes of the moon.  The phases are called new, full, half, crescent.
6. observations- what we learn by using our senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch

Our observation this week:
Set up four glasses and fill each with  different amounts from least to most.  Tap each glass with a spoon one at a time and listen to the sound from least to most.  The sound goes from high to low.
Try listening to the sound  when you pluck thin and thick rubber bands of the same length.

***Note to Parents:  Today I gave each student an index card that is to be kept in the front panel of their homework folder at all times. It has the student's username and password for the IXL program for ELA and Math that the first graders will be working on both in class and for homework at least once a week.  Later on this month I will be giving students their username and password on the opposite side of this same card for the i-ready program which we can use until February.
**** I also gave each student all their Math exit tickets from 1 to 10 stapled together so they can study these for the Math quiz which I will give early next week.  Do not change any answers but students may do work over on the back of each sheet if they wish. Unlike the sprints, exit tickets do count as a grade.  Please keep these exit tickets in their folder stapled so we can review in class.

Homework for Sept. 29
Math- Do pp. 69 and 70 in the workbook.   Study the ten Math exit ticket sheets in the homework folder for quiz on Tuesday.
Science- Study the TWO sets of Science definitions  and notes on the observation in the notebook for quiz on Wednesday.
*If you wish a look ahead, there will be a Social Studies quiz on Unit 1 on Friday based on questions in text pp. 34-35.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Homework for Class 1-2 for Sept. 18 to 22

Dear Parents,
         This week students in first grade will be doing MAP testing on the computer as a diagnostic tool  to find out your child's strengths and weaknesses.  On Monday they will have a hour test in Math and on Wednesday it will be in Reading.  Please remember there is no school on Tuesday.  I will not be giving any quizzes this week due to this testing.  I will be posting the week's homework on a daily basis so please be sure to check it regularly.

Homework for Sept. 18th
Phonics - Do pp. 13 and 14.  DO NOT TEAR OUT THE PAGES. Write your name on top of p. 13.
Religion - Read over with your child pp. 20 to 25.  Study two key words and what is underlined.

Homework for Sept. 20th
Math - Do pp. 33 and 34 in workbook. Read all directions carefully. DO NOT TEAR OUT PAGE.
Science-  Study the following vocabulary terms:
1.ray- a beam of light traveling in a straight line
2.shadow- dark form made when light is blocked
3.transparent- clear objects which light can travel through (eg. window, clear glass or plastic)
4.reflection- a picture created when light bounces back  (eg. mirror, lake)
5.illuminate- to shine a light on something in the dark so it can be seen
6.vibrate - to move very fast creating a sound

***All students MUST BE in full uniform this Friday for Class Picture Day. Students may wear dress down clothes tomorrow, Thursday if they wish, but remember to bring the dollar if you do.

Homework for Sept. 21th
Math -Look at picture on p. 45.  Answer p. 43 in the workbook based on that picture.

Social Studies- Copy the following words and their meanings on the next page of the notebook we stated today.  Begin with a full heading and Social Studies as the subject. Parents are not to do it for them or do make a print out.  The purpose is to have children practice writing neatly in a notebook.
1. history- story of the past
2. tradition- a special way of doing something passed down over time.
3. relatives- a person who belongs to your family:  parents, brother, sister, grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin
4. ancestors-  relatives who lived before you were born
5. alike- same or similar
6. different- not the same
***Be sure to be in full uniform tomorrow, Friday for class pictures!

Homework for Sept. 22nd
Math - Answer  p. 51 in the workbook.  Be sure to read and follow directions!

ELA- Copy the following words and their meanings on the next page of the SAME notebook in which you have the Science and Social Studies words.   Begin with a full heading and write ELA as the subject. Parents are NOT to do it for them or  make a print out.
1. escaped - ran away from danger
2. survived - continued to live after facing danger
3. trembling - shaking from fear or cold
4.  embarrassing - feeling ashamed or upset
5.  clumsy - falls or trips easily
6.  limb - part of a tree branch
7. landed- came down on the ground, like a plane landed
8.  perched - sat on something, like a bird perched 

***Parents, please make sure that your child has finished writing ALL the Science, Social Studies, and ELA words and definitions in the same notebook.  Each list of words with definitions should be on a separate page each beginning with a full heading.  I checked several notebooks that had it done incorrectly and had them redo it.   I have given a mini assessment in Religion, Science, Social Studies, and will give one on the ELA on Monday.  The words and definitions for each subject are on the blog.  I will be checking all notebooks on Monday!

Lesson plan

Friday, September 8, 2017

HOMEWORK for Sept. 11th to 15th to all parents of first graders in Grade 1-2

Dear Parents,
         Welcome to a brand new school year! Next week we will be starting regular scheduling of classes.  It is very important that all children come in with ALL their supplies and ALL their books.  This week I gave out in total eight books that should be covered but please have the children bring in their books even if you did not have a chance to cover them yet.  They also need to bring in 3 or 4 SHARPENED pencils with erasers (sharpeners need to be left at home) and a set of colored pencils (all sharpened) in their pencil case. They should keep at least three dark color dry erase markers in their pencil case.  They also need at least one folder which I will label as their Homework Folder and one hard cover composition notebook.  Please check the Homework Folder daily since all important papers will be sent home there.  That folder needs to travel back and forth to school every day!
           I collected two folders from each student and labeled them as Test Folders and Writing Portfolios to store their work during the year.  I also collected the loose leaf and will distribute it when needed in class.  The reams of blank paper were collected and sent to the office as required to make copies.
          Gym classes are on Monday and Thursday at 8:15 so please make sure children wear their gym clothes.  Our opening Mass is on Tues., Sept. 12 and all students should be in school uniform.  On Fridays we have dress-down days which means that students have the option of not wearing their uniform that day but are asked to bring in one dollar to help support our school (only if they choose to dress-down).  Please remember that ALL parent forms including two emergency cards are due in the office no later than Sept. 15th.  I will be giving out some more books next week that will need to be covered when possible.  Please send in a change of clothes in case of emergencies.  They will be stored in the cubbies outside the classroom.
            This week we started to work with math manipulatives and practiced phonics games.  They also practiced writing the school heading which next week they will write in their notebooks.  They should continue to write it exactly the same way!  No homework will be assigned on Monday but children should bring in their summer homework on Frog and Toad Are Friends NO LATER THAN MONDAY, SEPT. 18TH  A diagnostic test in Reading skills may be given next week just to see how best to help your child at his/her level.  There will be no quizzes next week but students will be graded based on exit tickets and classwork.  
              If you have any questions, please write me a brief note and put it in the front panel of the homework folder.  If you need to speak to me, please contact the school office and Alba will set up an appointment.  Finally, it is very important that you check my blog regularly since it is the only way you will find out about important notices and homework assignments. Thank you for your attention and cooperation!

Homework for Sept. 12
Math - Do  pp. 3 and 4 in Math workbook neatly and completely.
Religion- Do p. 41 and practice making the Sign of the Cross correctly.

Homework for Sept. 13
Math- Do pp. 9 and 10 in Math workbook neatly and completely.
Social Studies- On loose leaf write a full heading. Read pp. 4 to 7.  Answer questions 1 and 2. DO NOT COPY THE QUESTIONS!

Homework for Sept. 14
Math- Do pp.13 and 14 in Math workbook neatly and completely.
Phonics- Do pp. 11 and 12 neatly and completely. PLEASE DO NOT TEAR OUT THE PAGE.

Homework for Sept. 15
Math- Do pp.  27 and 28 in Math workbook neatly and completely. PLEASE DO NOT TEAR OUT THE PAGE.
***Please check the blog this weekend to study the vocabulary for quizzes that may be given next week.

Lesson Plan


Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer Reading Questions for Grade 1-2

Dear Parents,
         Below are the summer reading questions based on the book Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel.  Please answer these on loose leaf paper and be sure to write your name at the top.  DO NOT COPY THE QUESTIONS, but do RESTATE EACH QUESTION  to answer them.  For example:  How do you know Frog and Toad are friends?  I know they are friends because they care about each other.  Be sure to answer ALL questions using the front and back of the loose leaf paper and bring your work to class by Sept. 11th.

Questions on the chapter "Spring"
1. Why didn't Frog want to go outside? (p. 9)
2. When did Toad say he wanted to wake up?  (p. 11)
3. What word showed how Frog was feeling?  (p. 12)
4. How many pages did Frog tear off the calendar? (pp. 12-13)
5. Why did Frog tear the pages off the calendar?  (pp. 14-15)

Questions on the chapter "The Story"
6. What did Toad mean when he said "Frog was looking green..."? (p. 16)
7. How did Toad show that he cared about his friend?  (p. 17)
8. Why was it so important for Toad to think of a story?  (pp. 17-18)
9. What do you think was the most ridiculous thing Toad did to help him think of a story? (pp. 20-24)
10. What was so funny about the story Frog finally made up?  (pp. 26-27)

Questions on the chapter "A Lost Button"
11. What was making Toad sad?  (p. 29)
12. What did Toad do with all the buttons his friends had found?  (pp. 32-34))
13. Where did Toad finally find his lost button?  (p. 37)
14. What are four words used to describe his lost button?  (p. 37)
15. What did Frog think of Toad's gift?  (p. 39)

Questions on the chapter "A Swim"
16. Why didn't Toad want anyone to see him in his bathing suit?  (p. 42)
17. Who could swim faster, Toad or Frog?  (p. 43)
18. Where did the animals sit to wait for Toad to come out? (p. 48)
19. How did Toad show that he was getting too cold? (p. 49)
20. How did all the animals react when they finally saw Toad?  (p. 51)

Questions on the chapter "The Letter"
21. Why did waiting for the mail make Toad unhappy?  (p. 54)
22. What did Frog do to make him feel better?  (p. 57)
23. Who took the letter to the mailbox?  (p. 57)
24. What did Frog write about in the letter?  (p. 62)
25. Why do you think it took so long for the mail to arrive?  (p. 64)