Sunday, May 3, 2015

Homework for 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grades for 5/4 to 4/8

Dear Parents,
          This week most (but not all) students will be taking the NYSESLAT which includes speaking, listening, and writing sections  and  second grade students will be taking the ITBS test.   I suggest reviewing any areas on in which you may be having most difficulty.
            This week also all classes will have an opportunity to write an explanatory essay  in class based on their research eg. Fourth will write about the contributions of their assigned physician.  Third will write about certain stops on their interactive trip to Ellis Island. Second will summarize
the folktale they read and explain the moral.

Please see below for this week's homework and keep checking during the week in case there are any changes or updates.

ELA 5/5 Answer at least  first 30 questions on EACH:  QQ1 and QQ2 on use of prefixes & suffixes.
Students should know WHAT the rosary is and HOW and WHY we pray it based on class readings.

ELA  5/5 Answer at least first 30 questions on EACH: OO1 and OO8 on multiple meaning words.
Students will need to research on ONE of the Founding Fathers of the Constitution on Students will need to take notes that answer a set of questions to be given in class.

Rel 5/7 Religion quiz on Mon. 5/12 on the rosary. Study textbook pp. 288-289 (not Mysteries of the Light). Students should know HOW to pray the rosary as well as explain the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries.

ELA  5/5 Answer at least the first 30 questions on EACH: M2 and M3 on irregular verb past tense.

Rel 5/7 Religion quiz on Mon. 5/12 on the rosary. Study textbook pp. 286 to 291.Students should know HOW to pray the rosary as well as be able to name and explain each of the Joyful Mysteries Practice saying the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be prayers.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Notices for Monday, May 4th

Dear Parents,
         Please be aware that the ELA quiz scheduled for last Friday will be given this Monday, May 4th and the Religion quiz on the rosary will be on Friday, May 8th. Below I have again listed the study guide for each grade.  Please make sure all students review well since this is last quarter and final chance to do your best!
ELA - Review TT3  and TT4 on Greek and Latin roots on ixl.  Study the figures of speech definitions and examples  on
STUDY the definitions  in the notebook copied from the blog.
Review finding the rhyme scheme, different figures of speech, the central message or theme, and how the poem reveals feelings we all have in common in each of the poems below that we studied in class: "Dreams" by Langston Hughes, "Humanity" by Elma Stuckey "On the Way to School" by Charles Ghigna. Hopefully you were paying close attention in class all week!  You will need to write about this!

ELA - Review OO4 and OO7 on use of suffixes on ixl 

STUDY the definitions in the notebook copied from the blog.
Review about Ellis Island on You will need to answer questions and write about what happened.

ELA - Review E2  (regular plural nouns) and F2  (irregular plural nouns) on ixl.
STUDY the definitions in the notebook copied from the blog.

On click on START. Then go through the list of all the Aesop's fable we studied in class and review the stories and especially the morals (Yes-as we did in class twice!).
**Study also the notes in your ELA nootebook on how to write a narrative about a fable.  Review the model essay and apply it to the last fable we studied: "The Wind and the Sun."
                                                                                         Good  luck to ALL GRADES!