Sunday, December 9, 2018

Homework for Dec. 10 to 14

Dear Parents,
         This is a reminder about quizzes this week.  Reading quizzes to complete Unit 1 will be given this week as well as a Science quiz on Wednesday and a Social Studies quiz on Friday. Students have completed their class Advent wreath and this week will learn about creating a Nativity scene and listen to certain Bible stories related to the symbols on our Jesse Tree.  These are all Advent practices in preparation for Christmas that students need to learn. Next week I will send home another set of quizzes to be signed.  Please don't lose them in the Christmas frenzy.

Lesson Plan

Homework for Dec. 10
Math- Do workbook pp.65 and 66.  Follow the top sample we did in class.
ELA-Practice writing sentences describing how an animal sleeps. Practice writing question and answer on what an animal can do with its feet. For the test I will select an animal for them.

Homework for Dec. 11
Math - Do workbook pp. 69 and 70.  Read and follow ALL directions!
Science- Study ten vocabulary definitions in notebook and text book pp. B22 to B25 for quiz tomorrow.

Homework for Dec. 12
Math- Do workbook pp. 73 and 74. Follow ALL directions (eg. draw, cross out, write 2+ addition sentence)
Social Studies- On loose leaf write a full heading (see below).  Answer questions #1 to 4 under Thinking About Ideas on p. 98. Answer in COMPLETE SENTENCES.

        First and Last Name                                                                        Dec. 12, 2018
         O.L.Q.M.                                                                                         Grade 1
                                                         Social Studies

* Today I sent home the Math sprints your children have done in class. They are just done for practice and don't count for a grade.  Leave them home.  I am also sending home the photo packet you ordered!!!

Homework for Dec. 13
Math- Do workbook pp. 79 and 80.
Social Studies- Study text book pp. 74 to 83 for quiz tomorrow!  Know meaning of following words: job, goods, services, volunteers, needs, wants, shelter, spend.  Be able to give examples of some needs all people have.

*** Next week students will have two final quizzes before vacation: On Monday there will be a Social  Studies Quiz on text book pp. 84 to 95 and 99.  On Tuesday there will be a Math quiz based on exit tickets 12 to 20.  I will send exit tickets home on Friday. On Wed. morning there will be Lessons and Carols in church and then a Christmas pizza party in the afternoon.  Please send in $5.00 for two slices, chips, and candy.  Students will need to bring in their own small juice containers and ONE treat to share with the class.  We will discuss these in class. Next week I will also send quizzes home to be signed and returned. PLEASE DON'T LOSE THESE.  Yes-- there will be vacation homework but nothing overwhelming!

Homework for Dec. 14
Math - Do workbook pp. 83 and 84.  Be sure to study corrected exit tickets 12 to 20 for quiz on Tues. as well as corrected homework pages for those same lessons.

Social Studies- Study text book pp. 84 to 95 and 99 for quiz on MONDAY. Know meaning of following words: transportation, subway, penny, nickel, dime, quarter, coins, bills, mint, sort, picture graph,  symbol, pounds. Be able to explain how transportation helps people.

***Please send in $5.00 for pizza party no later than MONDAY if you have not done so yet.  Also please send in a medium size fabric or strong plastic bag to pack up students' books in the cabinet for the holidays by Monday also. For Wed. please remember to send in at least two individual juices for your child and ONE snack we discussed  to share with the class.  Also, please have your child bring in ONE Christmas card in an envelope on Monday and choose someone in the school (outside the classroom) that they want to write to.  We will do the writing in class in letter format. Thank you.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Homework for Dec. 3 to 7

Dear Parents,
         This Friday there will 9:00 Mass to celebrate the feast of the  Immaculate Conception. As stated last week. there will a Mid-Module Math Test this Tuesday and a Writing Test on Wednesday based on the two books mentioned on the  pearson website.  This week I will keep assessing students' oral reading and comprehension on the non-fiction articles on the freckle website.

Lesson Plan

Homework for Dec. 3
Math - Do workbook pp. 47 and 48.  Review all eleven corrected exit tickets for quiz tomorrow, as well as corrected homework pages from those same lessons.
Science-  On loose leaf write a full heading.  Answer two questions in textbook p. B25 in complete sentences.  Be sure to begin with capital and end with period.  See below for sample heading.
***Bring glue stick for Science tomorrow.

         Name: First and Last                                                                         Dec. 3, 2018
         O. L. Q. M.                                                                                         Grade 1

Homework for Dec. 4
No Math homework tonight!
Phonics -  Do pp. 33. 34, 35, and 36

ELA- Study books on for writing test tomorrow Time to Sleep and What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?   (this second book is found in Text Collection)  Students will need to write one question with its correct answer about an animal in EACH of these stories. Students will be required to write complete sentences that make sense with correct use of capital letters and use question mark and period where neeeded in eac sentence.

Homework for Dec. 5
Math- Do workbook pp. 53 and 54.  Follow sample in top right corner.
Religion- Study pp. 156-157 about  Advent.  Answer p. 164 about Christmas. Follow directions.

Homework for Dec. 6
Math - Do workbook pp. 57 and 58.  Again follow the sample in top right corner of each page.
Phonics -  Do pp. 37, 38, 39, and 40. Practice GOOD handwriting!   Use all lower case letters.

Homework for Dec. 7
Math- Do workbook pp. 61 and 62.  READ and FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS!
Science - Study  text book pp. B22 to B25 and notes below for quiz next Wed. Copy notes neatly on next notebook page.
                                                  Science Notes                     12-6
1. cub- baby lion
2. lamb- baby sheep
3. calf- baby cow
4. nymph- baby grasshopper
5. froglet - baby frog
6. nestling- a baby bird
7. hatch- to break out of an egg
8. molt- to shed its skin
9. chrysalis- a shell a caterpillar makes around itself
10. stages- steps of growth- The first stage of growth for many animals is the egg.

***Next week students will be taking the Reading tests on Time to Sleep and What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?   (this second book is found in Text Collection) and the End of Unit 1 Test.  These will be given throughout the week.
***There will be a Social Studies quiz next Fri. based on textbook pp. 74 to 83 in case you want to begin reviewing with your child.  Know the meaning of the words: job, goods, services, volunteers, needs, wants, shelter, and spend.


Saturday, November 24, 2018

Homework for Nov. 26 to 30

Dear Parents,
         Welcome back--I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!  This week I will be listening to students read and answer questions on some non-fiction articles from freckle website in class.  There will also be a Religion Quiz on Chapter 5 on Tues. and Grammar Quiz on workbook pp. 39, 40, 44, 45, 47, 48.   DO NOT DO HOMEWORK BELOW UNTIL MONDAY NIGHT!!!

Lesson Plan

Homework for Nov. 26 
Math - Do workbook pp. 27 and 28.  Draw, label, and circle.  Follow the sample in right top corner. It's a bit different from what we did in class.
Religion- Study Chapter 5 for quiz tomorrow.  Study the story of the Good Samaritan. Be able to write ways you can show your love for God on p. 71 (at the blue dots)
**Continue practice reading non-fiction articles on freckle.

Homework for Nov. 27
Math - Do workbook pp. 31 and 32.  Follow sample in top right corner.
Phonics - Do pp. 29, 30,  31, and  32.
***Continue to read and answer follow-up questions of non-fiction articles on freckle website.

Homework for Nov. 28
Math- Do workbook pp. 35 and 36. FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS, ESPECIALLY ON p. 36.
Grammar- Review Voyages  workbook pp. 39, 40, 44, 45, 47, 48 for quiz tomorrow.  Be sure to study!!!
***Continue to read and answer follow-up questions of non-fiction articles on freckle website.
I am starting assessments tomorrow!!!!

Homework for Nov. 29
Math-Do workbook pp. 39 and 40.  Fill every blank!
Social Studies- On loose leaf write a full heading. See sample below.  Answer textbook p. 93 questions 1 and 2 in complete sentences.
***Due to an unexpected meeting this morning, students did not read the non-fiction articles but we will be doing it!

                       First and Last Name                                                         Nov. 29, 2018
                      O.L.Q.M.                                                                           Grade 1
                                                                    Social Studies   

Homework for Nov. 30       
Math- Do workbook   pp. 43 and 44. Read directions very carefully!!!  Study Exit tickets 1 to 11 for Mid-Module Test next Tuesday. Review also all homework pages that I corrected! YES- the work and tests are getting harder! If you fail to study, you are sure to fail!
ELA- Study books on  Time to Sleep and What Do You Do With a Tail Like This? for writing test next Wed.  Students will need to write one question with its correct answer about an animal in each of these stories. 
*** You can begin to work on Math skills on freckle web site if you like.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Homework for Nov. 19 to 23

Dear Parents,
       I'm posting this early so you can plan as necessary. This Monday the school is celebrating Mickey Mouse Dress-up Day so if possible prepare your children to be Mickey or Minnie Mouse. However, there will be no contest so please don't go to extremes.  On Tuesday dismissal is at 12:00 and I will be giving a Science Quiz that day (as I stated last week). Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held in the cafeteria from 3:00 to 8:00. p.m. On Wednesday Thanksgiving Mass is at 9:00.  Also on Mon., Nov. 26 dismissal will also be at 12:00.

Lesson Plan

Homework for Nov. 19
Math- Do workbook pp. 15 and 16.  Read and follow ALL directions!
Science - Study textbook pp. B4 to B 19 for quiz tomorrow.  Be able to write four things all animals need to live.
Dismissal is at 12:00 tomorrow.

Homework for Nov. 20
Math - Do workbook pp. 19 and 20.
Phonics- Do pp. 25, 26. 27. and 28.  Be sure to follow directions!
***I am sending home fourteen tests to be signed and returned by Mon., Nov. 27.  These are 2 Phonics, 1 Grammar, 1 Reading, 1 Writing, 3 Religion, 3 Math (quiz, Mid-Module, End-Module), 1 Social Studies, and 2 Science.

Homework for Nov. 21
Math- Do workbook pp. 23 and 24. Please follow ALL directions, such as "draw line to match," "write related 10+ fact," "color," "write true number sentence."
Religion- Answer all questions on p. 78 including one under #5.    Quiz on Chapter 5 next Wed.

***On  click on ELA, then on Articles practice reading Non-fiction articles and answering the follow-up questions.
***There is 12:00 dismissal on Monday.  Remember to bring in all 14 quizzes signed!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Homework for Nov. 12 to 16

Dear Parents,
         This week on Thursday first grade will be participating in a Native American Music Thanksgiving Presentation at 9:00.  All students should dress up.  On Friday there will be a Report Card Assembly at 1:30 at which report cards and honors will be distributed. Parents are invited.  Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for next Tuesday from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Lesson Plan

Homework for Nov. 13 (Tues.)
No Math homework tonight!
ELA- Study the last set of words on the Dolch Sight Words list. Students should recognize the word quickly--with no sounding out --and know how to use each word in a sentence.. The words are:
       some        stop       take       thank     them      then      think      walk      were     when   
There will be assessment on these words on Thursday!

Science - On loose leaf write a full heading.  Answer Science textbook page B19 questions 1 and 2.
BE SURE TO NAME SIX ANIMAL GROUPS.      Answer each in a complete sentence.
See heading below:
       Child's name                                                                   Nov. 13, 2018
        O.L.Q.M.                                                                        Grade 1

Homework for Nov. 14 (Wed.)
Religion - Study Chapter 4 for quiz on Thursday.  Practice writing ways to welcome Jesus on p. 57.

Homework for Nov. 15

Homework for Nov. 16
Math - Do workbook pp. 11 and 12. Read and follow ALL directions: draw, label, circle ten, etc.

Science -Study for quiz next week on the characteristics of the SIX animal groups:  mammals, birds, fish, insects, amphibians, and reptiles. Study text pp. B4 to B19.

Continue to practice on  In ELA work on Word Study and Non-fiction articles and also continue to work on  Math skills -  only what you are able to do by yourself.        After Thanksgiving students will be tested and graded on work done in this program.
This is necessary in order to help students improve their MAP testing scores.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Homework for Nov. 5 to 9

Dear Parents,
         Please remember to send in any cans of food for the poor that you can spare.  Also please make sure your child has a dry marker eraser to use on their personal white boards.  You can try Dollar Tree or Staples stores.
The Grammar Quiz will need to be on Thursday and the Social Studies quiz on Friday!

Lesson Plan

Homework for Nov. 5
Math - Do pp. 165 and 166.
Religion -  Answer p. 66 in the text book.  Be sure to answer in a sentence question at bottom of page.
***Children should wear dress up clothes for individual pictures tomorrow!

Homework for Nov. 6
Math - Do pp. 169 and 170.  Read and follow ALL directions, for example "make a math drawing" on p. 169 and "match" on p. 170. If needed, circle in the directions ALL you must do!

Social Studies - On loose leaf write a full heading.  On p. 69 answer questions 1 to 4 in complete sentences.  See below to see the correct heading to copy.

Child's full name                                                                                       Nov. 6, 2018
O.L.Q.M.                                                                                                  Grade 1
                                                         Social Studies

Homework for Nov. 7
Math - Do pp. 173 and 174. Make math drawings ONLY for the first three examples.

ELA - Grammar quiz tomorrow.  Study Voyages workbook pp. 22 to 25 and pp.30 to 38.  Know all about conjunctions, prepositions, proper nouns ,and common nouns.

***Please remember to bring in some cans for the poor!

Homework for Nov. 8
Math - On p. 179 circle any ten addition facts and then write the answer ONLY for these ten facts. Then on p. 181 in the top boxes write a related subtraction fact (including answer) for each of the addition facts you circled. On the bottom write a number bond for any of these subtraction facts.

Social Studies  -Quiz tomorrow on Unit 2.  Review text pp.52 to 65 and study pp. 68, 69. 70.

Are you still working on the freckle website when you have time  ?????  YOU SHOULD !!!!!!

Homework for Nov. 9
Math - On p. 187 write the answers for any NINE addition facts and then circle these nine facts. Then on p. 189  write two related subtraction facts for each addition fact. Then on p. 191 fill in a number bond for it.  I strongly suggest you do ONE AT A TIME . Look at the sample on p. 187.
***There will be an End of Module 1 Math test on Tuesday.  Study all exit tickets 31 to 39 in child's folder and all corrected homework pages from Lessons 31 to 39.  Module 2 will begin next week. A new workbook will be given out!

Since you have an extended weekend you should spend some time working on   Click on ELA Library and begin reading Non-Fiction Articles.  Students should also try to answer the follow-up questions after each story,
They are really important in preparing your child for on-line tests in upcoming grades!!!
Also click on Word Study section to review vowels. I will be checking on-line to see if your children are practicing.Please continue practicing some Math skills as well---not too hard --only what your child can handle on their own.
***For a look ahead there will be a Religion quiz on Thursday on Chapter 4.  Practice writing ways you can welcome Jesus into your life on p. 57.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Homework for Oct. 29 to Nov. 2

Dear Parents,
         Hopefully you read the Halloween notices I posted on the blog last Friday!  If not, please go back and do so--it is important! Please send in $5.00 for the party no later than tomorrow if you have not done so. This Thursday we will be have Mass at 9:00.  As I stated before, there will be a Math quiz on Tuesday based on Lessons 24 to 30.

Lesson Plan

Homework for Oct. 29
Math - Do pp. 153 and 154. Match means to draw lines from each story to correct set of number sentences.  Review for Math quiz tomorrow.
Phonics-  Do pp, 17, 18, 19, and 20.

Homework for Oct. 30
Math- No Math homework tonight.  I am sending home sprints done in class. Review them to see where you need improvement.  Leave them at home.
Phonics - Do pp. 21, 22, 23, and 24.

Reminders for tomorrow: Children are to wear their costumes to school.  Each student should bring their own juice containers, a hollow pumpkin or trick or treat bag, one bag of candy to distribute to the Pre K and K classes, and another treat to share with the class.  I already ordered the pizza and bought the chips.  No weapons and no electronics are allowed.  Students are to bring their book bags with their Phonics books so I can check the homework!

Homework for Nov. 1
Math - Do pp. 157 and 158.  Follow the samples on the right side.
Social Studies-  On loose leaf write a full heading as shown below.  Answer Thinking About Words section in textbook p. 68.  Copy each sentence adding the correct word in each blank. Then study the meaning of each word for an assessment tomorrow.

Child's name                                                                                                         Nov. 1, 2018
O.L.Q.M.                                                                                                               Grade 1
                                                  Social Studies

Homework for Nov. 2
Math- Do pp. 161 and 162.  Start crossing out from bottom to top  OR from left to right.

ELA- Copy following definitions on next notebook page and study for an assessment on Monday.
                                                 ELA  Vocabulary                                   11-2
1. sorts-  kinds, types
2. upside down- flipped
3. scared- frightened
4. locked- stiff
5. danger- something harmful
6. tucked- folded
7. hang- dangle
8. time- moment

***There will be a Social Studies Quiz on Thurs. next week.  Study Unit 2 in text book pp. 44 to 70.
There will also be a Grammar Quiz coming up based on Voyages pp. 22 to 30.
***In November we will be collecting canned foods for the poor.  Please send whatever canned food you can spare.  Thank you.