Sunday, April 5, 2020

UPDATED Important Notices for Week Of April 6 to 10

Dear Parents
          Just a reminder that school is in session three days this week and then on Thursday our Easter break begins.THERE WILL BE A HALF DAY SCHEDULE ON WED. SO WE ARE DONE AT 12:00.   There will a Performance Based Writing Test on Monday which concludes  Unit 3 Module A and a Math End of Module Test on Tuesday which concludes Module 4.
           After the break you will need the Math Module 5/6 workbook to continue assignments. On my last days at school I brought these new set of workbooks downstairs and parents were informed that they could come to pick them up at the school  If you have it, then you are ready.  For anyone who was not able to pick it up, I did some research so I could provide you with a  link to this site It is:

 * Mr. Woods said that first grade parents are no longer allowed to come in for workbooks.  This link also provides many Math resources to help parents understand the Eureka Math program.

                I will also be assigning on www.discoveryeducation,com two Math videos which will help students continue their practice in learning about money, which we were working on just before we left school.  These are similar to the one on place value I assigned last week, which someone commented they liked.
               I am giving you this information now so that you have time to look ahead and prepare for the upcoming school work after the break  As for your concerns about any logins that are not working, I have already informed the coach and  am awaiting any further replies on this matter.
              In regard to grades, marks for students' daily work and tests (since the pandemic) have been entered on Educate so they can be included on your report cards.   Educate is always turned off for parent viewing during report card time; however the grades have been entered.  As of yesterday my report cards have been completed and submitted to Mr. Woods for review.  Only today's Math test cannot be included for now.  Report cards should be mailed to you within a few weeks.  I did send a few test grades to you by email using google classroom to see if that works but my main focus for now was to have them all entered on Educate so they could be included on the report cards.

            I want to thank every parent for their patience and cooperation in this matter and I want to wish you a healthy and peaceful  Easter.  Please do not be concerned, our class is doing fine!


Monday, March 30, 2020

Update on Class Assignments for March 30 to April 3

Dear Parents,
         I did research over the weekend and hopefully came up with a plan that may work better for you as well as for me.  I will still keep to the schedule in posting each subject's assignment and be available for assistance.  However, instead of having students post their answers as before, I prepared ONE Classwork  google form on which students can list all their responses for Religion, ELA (Voyages, Phonics, etc) and Social Studies/Science.  Math is the only subject which will still require sending two photos as before.
          So as I post assignments students may do their work in a notebook and then transfer all  of their responses to their individually named google form  (or keep it open if possible). In this way all the day's work will be neatly and safely kept in one place for me to access each day. This will also help parents who must turn in a student' s work late out of necessity.
          I also plan to do quizzes this week in a similar way.  I will be assigning only one quiz each day starting Tuesday. Each quiz has eight multiple choice questions and one written response and all are based on work that we have covered. Also,  I will let you know on the previous day what students should study in order to be prepared for each quiz. Each quiz has a due date so it can only be seen on the day it is assigned.  Parents should make sure that each student DOES NOT have access to any books or notes and DOES NOT get help in answering questions.  Parents are only allowed to read questions to their children when and if it is necessary as I have done in class.   I will always let you know in cases when reading to a student is not allowed.
          I will be assigning only the most important lessons in Math this week (skipping some lessons that repeat the same skill) so that I can complete Module 4 before the Easter break.  I am completing Unit work in the other subjects as well, but without a need to skip any lesson.
         I hope this will help relieve some of the stress we are all suffering and we can look forward to our Easter break next week.

***Please make sure you send me the two photos for the Math daily to my e-mail.   As I checked under your name, I noticed a few were missing even though you were with me in class this morning.  Send the photos as soon as you complete the pages, if possible, so you don't forget.

Below I am listing the assignments for  March 30 and 31 for anyone who needs it.  If you are on google classroom , there is no need to read this message.

March 30 (Mon.)
Rel. - Study Chapters 11 and 12
Math- Classwork: pp. 85-86 (send photo p. 86)     Homework: pp. 87-88 (send photo p. 87)
Voyages- p. 121 (send photo)
Phonics- pp. 145 -146 (photo p. 145)
Reading- Read over book The Winner's Choice on Pearson site.
Review sight words: their, them, then. these, thing
Science:  Watch video:  What is the Corona Virus? on discoveryeducation site.

March 31 (Tues.)
Rel- Quiz given
Math- Classwork: pp. 89-90 (send photo p. 90)     Homework: pp. 91-92 (send photo p. 91)
Voyages- p. 122  (send photo)
Phonics- pp. 147-148 (photo p. 148)
Reading- Read over book  Hunter's Money Jar on Pearson site.
Review sight words: think, use, very, walk, want, way
Social Studies-Watch video: Symbols of the United States on discoveryeducation site.


Thursday, March 26, 2020

Revised Schedule for First Grade

This is a new revised schedule we can begin tomorrow which still fulfills all time requirements:

8:30 to 8:45   Attendance and Daily Messages  or Updates
8:45 to 9:30     Religion
9:30 to 11:00    Math
11:00 to 12:15    ELA
12:15 to 1:00    LUNCH
1:00 to  1:45    Science or Social Studies
1:45 to  2:30   Teacher Prep Time  (Students do 20 minute session on Success Maker

*** Mr. Woods stated yesterday that he wants students to continue working on Success Maker for 20 minute periods each time.  This is the minimum amount of time that is required for each session or the program won't work correctly.  The schedule for Success Maker is ELA sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Math sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays.

****If  parents CANNOT be with their children during class time due to emergency situations, you may send the work for the day whenever you can during the day as long as it is before midnight.  I had called several parents and informed them of this.  However if your child is present during the class period, I am asking that the work be completed during the class period time so the student can move from one assignment to the next and I can address any concerns about what you are doing on that assignment. I hope this clears up any misunderstandings.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Dearest Parents,
             I appreciate your efforts and cooperation in sending your children's work to me.  I spent several hours reviewing the extensive entries in my email. In order to make things more manageable for you and for me, I need to make a few important requests.

*Please send any photos to this e-mail ONLY: ---not the one I use as a faculty member.  Limit your messages  to what is most important.

*Do not send any more photos of past work.  Starting tomorrow I will be checking only the present day's assignments.

*When you log on to tomorrow at 8:30 be sure you are using the school code:  42qiscw.   Do only the assignments I have scheduled and please make sure each subject 's assignment is completed and sent within the time given in the schedule.  Only the Math homework should be sent after 1:45.  I will assign less so all can complete on time.  This is important to keep things manageable and grades can be entered on time.

*DO NOT send work or information I must download.  I  can't risk running out of storage space.

*Please put the subject and page number of anything you send-- not just done.

*Finally, I must change how I check the Reader's and Writer's Journal pages because when I try to check the work, Pearson web dash starts to download the whole book!   So--I will be choosing a few questions from each Lesson in the journal and posting them under Classwork for you to answer and post on google classroom. We will do only one lesson each day but it must be completed within the period as is required in class.

* I phoned several parents today who did not log into classroomgoogle yet to find out what was wrong and hopefully now you have all the information you need including your username and password for  If you don't, please let me know at 8:30 tomorrow before I start the day's lesson.  Please everyone don't be late! 

       I must make these requests in order to make this work for all of us in these hard times!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Assignments for Week of March 23 to 27

Below is a list of assignments I have planned for the week of March 24 to 27.  Please work with me on a day to day basis from 8:30 to 1:45.  The Reader's Writer's Journal lessons will be assigned one day at a time so you can answer on the Pearson website.  The assignments for each day will be due by midnight so I can check them on the next day.  I cannot let them accumulate.  Let's all begin from here so there is less  confusion. Past work you turned in will be corrected.

Religion- Review Chapter 12 pp. 152, 154
Math- Lesson 13  pp. 61-62 make ten strategy HW pp. 63-64   
Readers’ Writers’ Journal – U3 A Lesson 11 pp. 179-181  Do on Pearson website. 
Grammar – Voyages p. 116 shades of meani
Review sight words: long, many, may, more, much   
Science- Watch video on The Earth and You

 Religion- Begin Chapter 21 pp. 238-239 Triduum 
  Math- Lesson 14 pp. 65-66 make ten strategies HW pp. 67-68 
  Readers’ Writers’ Journal – U3 A Lesson 12 pp. 182-183   Do on Pearson website.
  Phonics- pp. 139-140 short e in context 
  Grammar – Voyages p. 117 shades of meaning     
   Review sight words: nice, now, old, only, or         
 Science- Answer 2 or 3 questions based on the video: The Earth and You                                                                                                                                                   
  Religion- pp. 240 and 242 Triduum 
  Math- Lesson 15 pp. 69-70 sums to 40 HW pp. 71-72     
  Readers’ Writers’ Journal- U3 A Lesson 13 pp. 185-186   Do on Pearson website. 
Grammar- Voyages p. 118 adjectives 
  Phonics- pp, 141-142 short e assessment         
  Review sight words: other, over, people, put, rain     
 Social Studies:  Watch video on History Kids: Christopher Columbus 

 Religion: pp. 308-309 Easter   
 Math- Lesson 16 pp. 73-74 adding ones and tens HW pp. 75-76   
 Readers’ Writers’ Journal- U3 A Lesson 13 (con'd) pp. 187-189    Do on Pearson website. 
 Grammar- Voyages p. 119 adjectives
 Phonics- pp, 143 Review all short vowel sounds 
 Review sight words: right, should, some, than, thank 
 Social Studies:  Answer 2 or 3 questions based on the video:  History Kids: Christopher Columbus                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                                                    ****Please check on google classroom for your individual username and password for .   Check under the comments you made to me yesterday or before. 
Remember to log on to googleclassroom by 8:30 Tuesday morning so I can take attendance!


Dear Parents,
          It has been decided that we are no longer allowed in the school building.  So....I will no longer be able to come in to collect workbook pages as I did today.  I have worked very hard setting up other options for you. After consulting with various people, it has been agreed that the best  solution under the circumstances is that you take a photo of the workbook pages  I assign each day and send them to me on google classroom.  This is most important with the Math.  Reading components can be done using www.pearsonrealize and Science and Social Studies can be done using  It is NECESSARY that you log on to google classroom every day at 8:30 so that I take attendance.  THIS IS MANDATORY!  I will be available every day from 8:30 to 1:45 on googleclassroom to communicate with you and your children.  I am having zoom meetings with the faculty before and after this time every day and am expected  to correct work and enter grades after 1:45 so I CANNOT be available then.
           I will continue to put weekly assignments on the blog as well as a schedule of subjects we will covering each day so you can be ready with the correct workbooks when we start tomorrow.  Please work with me doing assignments on a DAY TO DAY basis so I can correct and enter grades on time.  I I will begin with only one or two pages a day in each subject.  The only daily homework will be in Math.  Please be ready to take a photo of any workbook assignment I give and send it to my e-mail:  so I can check it and then enter your grade on googleclassroom.  It was decided grades will be 3 or 2 for assignments and 70, 80, or 90 for tests.
           I will be using exclusively the blog, googleclassroom, www.pearsonrealize, and www. discoveryeducation.  I will put the username and password for for each student on google classroom since each student has a different number. You will be able to watch videos on this site and then I will post questions based on the video on google classroom. 
  Our daily schedule will  be as follows:
           8:30 Religion
           9:15 Math
           10:45 ELA
           12:15 Social Studies or Science
            1:45 MUSIC

Please have your children ready with students' workbooks at 8:30 tomorrow and your phone to take pictures if possible so I can make sure all can work with me on this. 
We have two weeks before our Easter break!  Let's do our best!

Saturday, March 21, 2020


Dear Parents,
         Since the office is going to be closed on Sunday and  traveling is being restricted, I will be going in on Monday and during the week (if allowed) to pick up any assignments I have given last week that  your children have completed in any of their workbooks.  Just tear the pages and place them in a folder with your child's name and grade.  Please remember that Math workbooks for Modules 5-6 are available in the office.  All Reading assignments however can and will be done using the Pearson website.  This includes the trade book for the lesson, the Readers' Writers' Journal pages, leveled readers for practice, and the Decodable books for the Vanilla group. If you log in to  and enter your information, you will see that these have been assigned already.  The leveled readers are:  I Have a Dollar, At the Market, A Healthful Meal, Which Way Is Better, and Trading This for That.  For next week, I will continue to list work that can be done in the workbooks you took home.
        I am also sending you our class code for google classroom.  You will need to go to and enter the username and password your child received on the sheet on the last day of school.  Click on the + sign in the top upper right, enter the class code: szfcien and click on join.  Once you do that your child's name will appear on my first grade class list and I will be able to send assignments that I can then see on-line.  To see how this works you can watch the you tube video on google classroom explanation.  I will be checking to see if names are showing up.  If you have lost the sheet, I have a copy for each student.  On Monday I can offer further directions if necessary.   I will also give you further information on as it can be used as another on-line resource and each student has a username and password for this as well.
        Please check the blog on Monday afternoon for any other updates or new decisions to be made at school regarding your child's instruction.    Thank you for your patience and consideration in these difficult times.  God bless you.                                                                 Ms. Saville