Sunday, September 16, 2018

Homework for Sept. 17 to 21 for First Grade

Dear Parents,
          Please make sure that your children bring in ALL their books, as well as their folder, their notebook, and four sharpened pencils every day.  Last week several children told me that they left books at home.  If you did not get a chance to cover, please have your child bring in the book any way.  I have started listing grades on SIS system and you can see them if you have the password.

Lesson Plan

Homework for Sept. 17
Math - Do workbook pp. 33 and 34.  Look back at previous two pages as a sample.
Religion - Quiz is on Wed. Study ALL of  Chapter 1.  Also study following definitions:
*God - our Father and creator
*creation- everthing God made
*always- forever
*Bible - book of God's word
*angels - messengers of God that guide and protect us
*Adam and Eve - first man and woman God created
*St. Francis of Assisi - patron saint of animals. On his feast day we celebrate blessing of the animals.

Homework for Sept. 18
Math- Do workbook p. 43. BE SURE TO READ AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!  The bookshelf picture mentioned in the directions is on p. 45.

Social Studies- On loose leaf practice writing a full heading CORRECTLY.  Then practice writing your  home address  (ONLY house number and street name)  SIX  times correctly as shown on the card in your folder.  Then practice saying it without looking.
Students should keep this index card with child's home and school address in the front panel of their folder ALWAYS.  I will add other important information on this card later on this year.

Parents, I would appreciate if all books are covered by the end of this month.  Clear contact that comes in a roll works best.  These can be found in Staples and Target.  Thank you.

Homework for Sept. 19
Math - Do workbook p. 51.  Be sure to follow directions!
ELA-  Study all 8 vocabulary definitions in notebook for quiz tomorrow.

Parents, PLEASE try to have your children in school by 7:50. At 7:55 we MUST head to church for morning prayers. Students need at least 5 minutes before that to unpack their bookbag, hang up their sweater,and bookbag.,leave their lunch box on the floor, and bring in their books to the classroom.  Too many children are coming in during or after prayers.  This week's lesson lesson plan needed to be changed .  This morning we had to practice for a lock down. Then your children did the Reading section of the MAP test, followed by the Baseline Test for Reading Gen after lunch.

Homework for Sept. 20
Math - Do workbook pp. 55 and 56. Follow all written directions.  Parents, please check back on corrections made on previous homework pages so children don't keep making same types of mistakes.
Social Studies-  We have covered textbook pp. 4 to 27.  Study the following vocabulary definitions.  DO NOT WRITE THEM IN THE NOTEBOOK. Assessment will be given on Friday.
* neighborhood-  a place where people live, work, and play
*community- a larger place with many neighborhoods
* town- a small community with few people and places
*ranch- a community that raises animals
*city- a large community with many people and places
*map- a flat model of the earth
*globe- a round model of the earth
*map key- a list with symbols (pictures) of places on a map

Parent, please review with your children how to write a correct heading as noted on the last homework I returned. Several students wrote incorrect or incomplete headings and some wrote none at all.  Homework done on loose leaf MUST have a complete and correct heading in order to receive a 4 as noted on the  homework rubrics sheet. 

Homework for Sept. 21
Math-  Do workbook pp. 61 and 62.  Follow ALL directions!
Science-  We have covered textbook pp. A4  to A29.  Study the following vocabulary definitions.
DO NOT WRITE THEM IN THE NOTEBOOK. Assessment will be given on Wednesday.
*living things- things that grow such as people, animals, and plants
*non-living things- things that do NOT grow such as rocks or water
*senses- body parts used to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch
*root- plant part that takes in water for the plant
*stem- plant part that holds up the plant
*trunk- the stem of a tree
*leaves- plant part that make the food for the plant
*seed-  plant part that can grow into a new plant

Parents, I sent home the corrected assessment (on looseleaf)  of the ELA vocabulary (5 words) and grades ranged from 0 to 100. Please have students review any vocabulary definitions I list for homework.  Most often I give a short assessment days before the quiz  to alert students to what they need to review.  Next week I will send home corrected Math exit tickets given daily so students can review for the upcoming Math quiz. Please remember that there is NO  school this Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Notices and Homework for Sept. 10 to 14

Dear Parents,
         These are just some important reminders:
* Please make sure sure you send in both emergency cards completely filled in and all signed sheets TOGETHER no later than this Thursday.
*Please send in $5.00 (if you have not done so) for your child's personal white board needed for Math
*Please make sure you have sent in THREE reams of blank paper.  Some sent in only one, others two, and still others none. Students have already been collecting them to send to the office for copies.
*Please begin covering the books I send home.  On Friday I sent home three books to be covered.  Be sure you do not leave the books at home since we will  be using them.  Students will take home the rest this week a few at a time to get covered.  Clear contact book covers found in Staples work well.
*Please make sure your child brings in 3 or 4 SHARPENED pencils every day.   Two large flat pencil cases work best to hold all colored pencils, glue stick, eraser, etc. Students should keep  TWO dry erase markers and a dry erase eraser in their pencil case. The rest can be kept in the bin outside.
*I will be sending home a card that will be placed in the front clear panel of each student's homework folder (THIS IS WHY THE CORRECT FOLDER IS IMPORTANT) with the web site, username, and password to access our Reading program which is  Students will be taking a Base line test this week on this site and will have access to our first  trade book Stellaluna as well as leveled readers and games.  STUDENTS NEED TO KEEP THIS CARD IN THEIR FOLDER AND NOT LOSE IT.
*Students in first grade will begin MAP testing this week in order to diagnose you child's strengths and weaknesses at the present time.
*Homework will be assigned daily and is due the following morning.  Please check the date to avoid mix-ups. Homework SHOULD NOT to done ahead of time before the lesson is taught since this often leads to confusion.  In Math the homework is always patterned on the classwork done on the previous pages.
* The link below will give you access to this week's lesson plan in case you wish to see it but may need to be modified at times as situations arise.

Lesson Plan

Homework for Sept. 10
Math- Do workbook pp. 3 and 4. Follow the work done on  pp. 1& 2 as a sample.
Reading- Study definitions of vocabulary words in notebook.  Make sure
1. survived- lived
2. perched- sat on a branch
3. daybreak- when the sun comes up in the morning
4. trembling- shaking from fear or cold

Homework for Sept. 11
NOTICE: Mass on Friday and MAP testing on Thurs. has been rescheduled till next week.
Math- Do workbook pp. 9 and 10.  Use work on the previous two pages as a guide.
Reading- Study the next set of definitions of vocabulary words in notebook.
5. clumsy- opposite of graceful o
6. escaped - got away
7. clutched -held tight
8. story elements- characters, setting, events
      *characters- people or animals in a story
      *setting- place where story happens
      *events- beginning, middle, end of story

Homework for Sept. 12
Math- Do workbook pp. 13 and 14.  Use work on the previous two pages as a guide.
Science- DO NOT WRITE IN THE SCIENCE ACTIVITY BOOK.  On looseleaf write a full heading as taughr in class.  On this looseleaf answer question on p. 6 in Science Activity Workbook  HEADING MUST BE COMPLETE AND CORRECT IN ORDER TO GET 4 in ANY ASSIGNMENT DONE ON LOOSELEAF.
***Gym is tomorrow at 12:45.

Homework for Sept. 13
Math - Tear out ONLY workbook p. 21. Write your name on top of this page.  Follow sample on p.19  to show six other ways to make 6.   Each way must be different.  Write a number sentence for each as shown on the first one. When finished put this sheet in your homework folder.

Religion- Follow directions on p. 30 and answer all questions on that page.   Write one sentence to answer last question at the bottom.  DO NOT TEAR OUT  PAGE.

 I will also be ordering the new white boards on Friday and ONE STUDENT  HAS STILL NOT PAID THE FIVE DOLLARS !!!!

***All students need to have all 8 vocabulary definitions in their notebooks by tomorrow.  There will be an assessment on these next week.  Most finished in class but a few did not finish so they are on the blog above so they can complete them at home and have a clear copy to study!

Homework for Sept. 14
Math- Do workbook pp. 27 and 28.  Be sure to read and follow each of the directions!!!
Please excuse error on yesterday's Math homework.  It should have been p. 21 so please do correct page whenever possible. Thank you.

MAP testing WILL begin next week.  I will also be giving a Religion quiz on Chapter 1 as well as an assessment on the vocabulary definitions in the notebook.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Important Notices for Parents of First Grade for Sept. 7 to 10

Dear Parents,
        This is just a reminder that ALL supplies as well as ALL forms to be filled in or signed  (given at the Parent-Teacher's Meeting)  are due by MONDAY.  Some parents left bags with supplies at the door with NO NAME!!!  I  NEED TO KNOW TO WHOM THESE BELONG so I can distribute these to the correct students.  Also some parents only sent in ONE or TWO reams of blank white paper.  It is necessary that each parent send in THREE packages so we have enough for copies and classwork for the entire year! Some students also did not bring in THREE folders and several did not have their notebook.
          Today I distributed ten books in total.  Students will be taking these home a few at a time so they can be covered at home.  I sent home all book covers. Please make sure these are secure and not easily falling off. I also sent home all packages of unsharpened pencils.  Students should leave these home and  keep ONLY FOUR SHARPENED PENCILS IN THEIR PENCIL CASES for every day use.  Students need TWO large pencil cases --not small pencil boxes.  Colored pencils should be kept in one of these as well as their glue stick and TWO dry erase markers and ONE dry erase eraser.  These markers and erasers are available in Dollar Tree store and Staples. The extra markers students brought in can be left in their bin outside our classroom for later use.
            Please remember that you need to send in five dollars for the paddle dry erase board I will be ordering next week.  These are good quality boards that will last the year and will be used DAILY.  So far only six students have paid.
              Gym is on Thursdays so students should wear their gym clothes and Fridays are dress down days.  Students will begin using their notebooks on Monday so please make sure your child is ready! Homework will also begin on Monday so please check the blog EVERY DAY!!!!
              I believe we are off to a great start but I do need your cooperation in these matters to make the transition to first grade smooth and easy for your children. Please remember to call the office and make an appointment to see me about any important matter or you can put a note in the front panel of your child's homework folder.  Please put a copy of the Dolch sight words you received in this folder.  Thank you for your attention.                                                               Ms. Saville

Friday, June 22, 2018


Dear Parents,
         Below are the summer reading questions based on the book Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel.  Please answer these on loose leaf paper and be sure to write your name at the top.  DO NOT COPY THE QUESTIONS, but do try to RESTATE EACH QUESTION  to answer them.  For example:  How do you know Frog and Toad are friends?  I know they are friends because they care about each other.  Be sure to write each number and answer questions using the front and back of the loose leaf paper and bring your work to class in September.

Questions on the chapter "Spring"
1. Why didn't Frog want to go outside? (p. 9)
2. When did Toad say he wanted to wake up?  (p. 11)
3. What word showed how Frog was feeling?  (p. 12)
4. Why did Frog tear the pages off the calendar?  (pp. 14-15)

Questions on the chapter "The Story"
5. What did Toad mean when he said "Frog was looking green..."? (p. 16)
6. How did Toad show that he cared about his friend?  (p. 17)
7. Why was it so important for Toad to think of a story?  (pp. 17-18)
8. What was so funny about the story Frog finally made up?  (pp. 26-27)

Questions on the chapter "A Lost Button"
 9. What was making Toad sad?  (p. 29)
10. Where did Toad finally find his lost button?  (p. 37)
11. What are four words used to describe his lost button?  (p. 37)
12.What did Frog think of Toad's gift?  (p. 39)

Questions on the chapter "A Swim"
13. Why didn't Toad want anyone to see him in his bathing suit?  (p. 42)
14. Who could swim faster, Toad or Frog?  (p. 43)
15. How did Toad show that he was getting too cold? (p. 49)
16. How did all the animals react when they finally saw Toad?  (p. 51)

Questions on the chapter "The Letter"
17. Why did waiting for the mail make Toad unhappy?  (p. 54)
18. What did Frog do to make him feel better?  (p. 57)
19. Who took the letter to the mailbox?  (p. 57)
20. What did Frog write about in the letter?  (p. 62)


Dear Parents,
         I want to welcome your children to first grade!  Below is a list of supplies your child will need.
* three plastic folders (only the type sold in the supply room) - NO binders please!
* ONE  hard cover composition type notebook (wide ruled)- 100 pages or more!
* two packs of wooden pencils with erasers NO mechanical pencils or pens)
* a pack of 10-12 colored pencils (NO crayons)
* a pack of dry erase markers (NO Sharpies or similar permanent markers)
* a glue stick  (NO bottled glue)
* a plastic or wooden ruler
* two plastic or fabric pencil cases (no boxes) One is to hold 4 sharpened pencils daily and eraser, and a sharpener.  The other is to hold colored pencils, markers, a glue stick.
* three reams of white copy paper (2 to be sent to the office for copies and 1 for  classroom use)
* one pad of loose leaf paper (paper with holes on side and red margin) wide ruled
* two boxes of tissue and two rolls of paper towels
* one container of Lysol disinfectant wipes
* one mini hand sanitizer for personal use
* one lunch box SEPARATE  from the book bag.
* book covers (any type as long as they are stay on securely)
* a small pack of construction paper (24-30 sheeets)

I  DO  recommend that parents label sweaters, lunch boxes, and pencil cases

             Looking forward to seeing you!                                                            
                                                                                                                              Ms. Saville

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Homework for June 18 to 22 for Class 1-2

Dear Parents,
         This Friday there will be NO SCHOOL, so all final quizzes will be given before Thursday.  As stated before Religion was scheduled for Monday and Math on Tuesday.  Reading/ELA will be given between Tuesday and Wednesday, and that is all!

Homework for June 18
Math-  Do pp. 74, 77,  and 78.  This time for all three pages follow strategy used on p. 73.  Review all exit tickets 1 to 19 for quiz tomorrow.  YES, more were added!
Phonics -  Do pp. 276 and 277.
ELA/Reading- Study twelve vocabulary definitions in notebook  for quiz tomorrow. On www.pearson realize click on the book How a Seed Grows in Unit 4 Module B.

Homework for June 19
Math- Do pp. 81 and 82.
Phonics -  Do pp. 278, 279, and 280.

Homework for June 20
Math- Do pp. 85 and 86.
Phonics-  Read p. 285, 289 and 290.  Do  pp. 286, 293 and 294. Skip asseessment pages.
***Last set of tests and quizzes will be sent home tomorrow!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Homework for June 11 to 15 for Class 1-2

Dear Parents,
          There is 12:00 dismissal both this Monday and Friday.  On Friday we are having a Donuts for Dad celebration at 10:00 in the auditorium. The Writing Test scheduled for last Thursday will be given this Monday,  There will be NO Religion quiz this week. It will be given next week.

Lesson Plan

Homework for June 11
Math -  Do pp. 51 and 52. On p. 51 add tens first and on p. 52 add ones first.  Write answers on blanks too.
Phonics - Do pp. 271 and 272.
Social Studies - Quiz tomorrow. Study well SS text pp. 190 to 197.  Be sure you can identify each of the twelve historical figures.   Be prepared to write some facts about Thomas Edison and his inventions.     

Homework for June 12
Math - Do pp. 55 and 56.
Phonics- Do pp. 273, 274, and  275.

Homework for June 13
Math - Do pp. 59 and 60. BE SURE TO follow pattern on previous two pages done in class.
a and e- add tens; b and f- add ones; c and g- partner way; d and h – double decompose
Phonics- Do pp. 276, 277, and 278.

Homework for June 14
Math- Do pp. 63 and 64.  Follow pattern on previous two pages done in class.
Science-  On construction paper write your name and date neatly on the top.  Glue the title under your name.  Glue each of the four recycling bins (two on top and top on bottom) leaving room in between and above each bin.  Look at each small picture and decide in which bin each object should be placed .  There should be two pictures for each.  Then on each of the four blank cards draw one more object that could be placed in each bin. So now you should have THREE cards for each bin.  Glue these neatly on or near the top of each bin. Due tomorrow!!!!

Homework for June 15
Math - Do pp. 67, 68 and 71,72. Follow pattern on previous Problem Set pages done in class.  Those who were absent Friday should follow samples given on the homework page and have these 4 pages completed by Monday!
***Those who were absent on Friday must remember to bring in their completed Science project of How to Recycle on Monday!
*** There will be a Math Mid Module Test on Tuesday.  Study all 16 corrected Exit tickets!!!!

Religion- Study Chapters 22 and Chapter 23 for QUIZ ON MONDAY!  Be sure you know all the
MASS RESPONSES  in Chapter 23. Be able to explain THREE ways that Jesus is with us at Mass .These are listed on p. 253.